Spirit Airlines pet policy!

Do you need details regarding the pet policy of Spirit Airlines since you wish to take your pet on a flight with you? If you are planning to fly with your pet on a flight, you should know that Spirit Airlines has a highly secure policy for it. Spirit Airlines enables guests to fly with pets under the conditions and restrictions specified inside the pet policy. You may get the most significant details about Spirit Airlines pet policy by reading the information provided below.

What is the pet policy of Spirit Airlines?

Since you're booking a flight with Spirit Airlines and really need to bring a pet along, you can be certain that the airline is pet-friendly. The following are the key details of Spirit Airlines pet policy focusing on specific terms and circumstances provided by them.

  • Spirit Airlines' pet policy allows passengers to bring a small pet dog, a pet cat, a pet bunny, and small pet bird inside the cabin only on domestic flights.
  • Except for service animals, Spirit Airlines does not allow pets on international flights.
  • Only one pet container per passenger is allowed, with a limit of two pets each.
  • In the pet container, animals should be capable to stand up and walk about freely.
  • Except for passengers flying to the US Virgin Islands, Spirit Airlines doesn't really need a health certificate of pets travelling in the flight cabin.
  • For pets flying with passengers in the flight cabin to Puerto Rico, Spirit Airlines demands a rabies vaccination certificate.
  • The pet must be at least 8 weeks of age as well as fully weaned, and it must stay in the carrier for the whole journey.
  • The pet carrier must be small enough to fit beneath the seat, with a maximum weight limit of 40 pounds.

How much does it cost to fly Spirit Airlines with your pet?

You need pay a charge for flying with your pet on a Spirit Airlines flight. You can find the relevant details for Spirit Airlines pet policy cost from below.

  • Spirit Airlines charges a cost of 110 US dollars on every pet carrier, regardless of whether the traveler has kept one or two pets inside it.

The most important data concerning Spirit Airlines pet policy may be found in the sections above, which include all key information. If you require further assistance with carrying a pet on a Spirit Airlines flight, you may contact their customer service department for assistance.

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