Allegiant Air Check in

Allegiant Airlines is an affordable US Airways operating scheduled and non–scheduled flights to different travel route networks. People who have already booked with Allegiant Air want to know about the Allegiant Air Check-in process and policy which to be followed by the passengers. If a person reads this article thoroughly, then he will be easily able to check in for their Allegiant airline flight.

How can a person check-in for their Allegiant Airline flight?

After the booking procedure, people must check in for their scheduled flight to reserve seats and get a boarding pass to board this flight. If a person is going to check in for his flight or facing issues in check-in for their Allegiant Airline flight, then, in this case, he can use various methods on Allegiant Airline like web check-in, check-in at the airport counter and check-in via self-service kiosk.

Allegiant Air Check-in process:

People are suggested to read the below information to learn th steps of web check-in with Allegiant Airlines:

  • For the first stage, go to the official portal of Allegiant Airline.
  • Then, visit the “check-in” page available on their screen.
  • You must write your name and last name, which is already mentioned on your Allegiant Airline ticket.
  • Then, click the “continue” option available on their website.
  • Afterward, your booking information will be shown on the Allegiant Airline website.
  • Then, you need to verify and recheck your booking details, and you will also get the option to upgrade your seat on an Allegiant Airline flight.
  • Now, you must click their screen's “confirm your check-in” button.
  • Then, redirect to the next page, where you will get your mobile boarding pass, which must be printed to board your Allegiant Airline flight.

Can I check in at the airport to board my Allegiant Airline flight?

People can easily make Allegiant Air Check in at the airport counter and via a kiosk machine to board their scheduled flights. People are requested to learn the below steps for check-in at the airport counter:

  • Go to the airport check-in counter.
  • Then, you need to provide your reservation details.
  • Once the check-in is completed, the airport officials will provide you the Allegiant Airline boarding passes, which you must show at the security checkpoints.

Provide some steps for check-in via the self-service kiosk machine:

If a person can’t make an Allegiant Air Check online, he can also use a kiosk machine at the airport to check in for their flight. Below are the steps are needed to be followed on the kiosk machine:

  • Go to the self-service kiosk present at the airport.
  • Then, passengers need to enter their PNR number and last name mentioned on the ticket.
  • Confirm your booking details after the verification and proceed with the procedure by clicking the “Continue” button.
  • Then, print your boarding passes for the Allegiant Airlines flight to board your flight.

Allegiant Air Check-in policy:

People must be aware of the check-in terms and conditions on Allegiant Airline flights so that they can conveniently board their scheduled flights:

  • Passengers booked with Allegiant Airlines can do web check-in from 24 hours to 45 minutes before their scheduled flight departure.
  • People with a domestic flight booking are eligible to come at least 2 hours before their scudded Allegiant Airline flight departure time.
  • Traveler shaving international bookings must be available at the airport 3 hours before their scheduled flight departure since they need to go through lengthy procedures and formalities at the airport to board their flight.
  • Some kinds of fares allow priority check-in, so if a passenger wants to reserve in priority check-in, he can do so 24 hours before their flight departure.


Suppose a person going to do Allegiant Air Check-in faces trouble in the online or airport check-in process. He can contact the Allegiant Air customer service team at 1 (702) 505-8888 to converse directly with their officials and can resolve their queries.