How to change flight on Alaska Airlines?

Booking a flight with an Alaska airline is quite satisfactory as it is one of those airlines that provide a stress-free journey. Alaska airlines understand the need and situation of its travelers, hence providing a flexible and feasible change flight policy. If you have a reservation with Alaska Airlines and want to change the flight, it's possible. How to change flight on Alaska airlines? You will learn about it in the content below.

Follow the procedure below to change flight with Alaska Airlines

You can change flights after booking by visiting the airline's official website, or you can also speak to the reservation department. Moreover, if you have a third-party booking, you can talk to your travel agent directly in this regard.

Step by step instruction to change flight

  • At first, you can open the website of Alaska Airlines in your system
  • Now go to the manage reservation option 
  • You must enter the reservation number and the last name to access the trip details.
  • Select the booking you need to change now click on the change option
  • Select the new booking details and confirm everything
  • You pay the fare difference and change fee cost if applicable
  • The instructions on-screen guide you to make the required changes, and once done, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline soon.

So once you go through the above process, you can change your flight anytime. However, you can make all kinds of changes using the process above. Still, if you wonder, How do I change my flight time on Alaska Airlines? Here you can check out some more details.

How to change your flight time on Alaska Airlines?

You can make the changes by calling on or visiting the Manage Reservation section online or speaking to the reservation department. However, if you want to change the time on the same day, you can request the time change during online check-in via iPhone/Android app check-in.

If you are at the airport, you can make the changes by checking check-in at Kiosk and then selecting the Change flight option. Apart from this, you can also speak to the Alaska airline agent at the airport to request the change.

Changing flights also requires you to pay an additional change fee depending on the time, fare type, destination, etc. But in case you wonder Can I change my flight for free? Yes, it is possible if you go through the information below.

Can I change my Alaska Airlines flight for free?

Yes, you can change your flight for free in the condition below.

As per the Alaska airline 24-hour policy, if you travel to and from the US, you can change the flight free of cost within the 24-hour booking. In addition to this, the departure date should be after seven days. 

The change fee also depends on the type of fare you have; the airline has eliminated any change fee if you have a main or first-class fare. You must make the change before 24 hours of departure because changing the flight on the same date may charge an additional amount of $ 20- $ 50. Here you will not have to pay the fare difference.

Can you get a refund if Alaska changes your flight?

The airline is always on time and notifies you in case of a 10-15 minutes delay from the departure time. But in case you wonder can I get a refund if Alaska Airlines changed my flight, the answer is yes. If the airline changes your flight or delays it for even one hour, you can get a full refund value of the unused ticket,

You can get the refund by speaking to the airline's reservation department, or you can also claim a refund by visiting the online refund page. It takes 7-20 working days to process your refund. 

So by reading the information above, you must be clear with everything.

Besides talking about how to change flights on Alaska airlines? You can follow the procedure explained above. In case you have any issues throughout, get in touch with Alaska airline representatives.

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