Top 10 busiest airport in the World

Have you ever given it a thought that the moment we are boarding our flight, how many others are doing the same action? Well, if it has, then you’ve come to the right place because the following points will help you figure out the top 10 busiest airport in the world that is calculated according to the passenger traffic accumulated by the aviation sector and counted in terms of the maximum numbers of passengers traveling at the same points of time.

The top 10 Running and Busiest Airports in the World 

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

  • Atlanta Airport is situated within an 11 km radius of the central district of Atlanta, Georgia.
  • This Airport has been the busiest Airport for a very consistent point in time.
  • It is chosen because of the number of domestic flights it provides.
  • The strategy it has by keeping a good network to the North, Central, and South America has helped it maintain the top position.

Beijing Capital International Airport

  • Beijing Airport is situated within a 32 km radius of the Beijing City Center.
  • Beijing Airport is an entirely state-owned airport that operates and has the second largest international terminal worldwide.
  • It is known for its attributes because the complete percentage is derived by different airlines that provide its services to several international and domestic locations.

Dubai International Airport

  • The Dubai International Airport is situated 4.5 km east of Dubai.
  • It holds its position because of the customer satisfaction of its airlines and the hospitality it provides to the passengers who are visiting the Middle East for a trip or a vacation.
  • The only Airport on the list with the most significant number of international travelers worldwide.

O’Hare International Airport

  • This airport is located on the Northwest side of Chicago, Illinois.
  • This airport is known for its direct flights to various locations and is the primary airport for providing flights to multiple destinations.
  • This airport also has air cargo facilities as well that provides convenience to its passengers.

Tokyo Haneda Airport

  • This airport is located around 14 km south of the Tokyo Station.
  • The airport is mainly known for the domestic flights it provides to various destinations.
  • It has another specially built runaway for long-distance night-flights as well.

London Heathrow Airport

  • This airport is situated 22 km west of the region of Central London.
  • The specialty of the airport is that it has two runaways that run in the direction of East-West.
  • This airport is known for the brilliant services it provides to the passengers while waiting for their flight.

Los Angeles International Airport

  • This airport is located in the Southwestern region of Los Angeles.
  • It is not only known to be the largest airport from the region of the United States but also ranks first position when it comes to both passenger traffic and air cargo.
  • Its specialty is that it has 9 terminals which make the shape of the letter U.

Hong Kong International Airport

  • This airport is located in the region of Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong.
  • It is home to many airlines that acts as only cargo carriers and is known for its relentless services.
  • Although it is new to the market but is still a brilliant airport when it comes to aviation services.

Paris International Airport

  • The Airport mentioned above is also known by the name of the Roissy airport.
  • This airport is located about 25 km to the Northeast region of Paris.
  • It also acts as a home base for FedEx Services.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

This airport is known as the second-biggest airline hub globally when it comes to the flights it provides. The tenth in line in the top 10 busiest airport in the world, this airport is known for carrying out the maximum number of flights daily and serving the maximum number of destinations with the help of its daily routine flights. Thus giving you a clear picture of the busiest Airports throughout the world in a hassle-free manner.

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