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How to book flight tickets for handicapped?

Traveling is the most favorite and exciting leisure for most people across the globe. Although physically disabled people may face difficulty while booking the ticket but with the help of airlines representatives, they can enjoy a safe and comfortable trip. The newer models of various airlines are being built to accommodate wheelchair users since the disabled person needs special attention and needs. People often search for how to book flight tickets for handicapped to ensure no worry and proper care at the time of travel.

How to book handicapped Airline tickets?

Additional medications and medical equipment are required to reduce the tension and potential health problems of the handicapped person during the journey. There are two ways to answer how to book handicapped airline tickets online and offline. You can either fill a form present online or follow the below-mentioned steps to book the reservation for handicapped people.

  • Contact the disability service department of the respective airline to book the ticket at an affordable cost for the handicapped person. The numbers are available on the official website of the airline.
  • People with locomotors, disabilities, blind people and war-affected officers can get discounts on the charge of airline. These are the additional discounts that handicapped people get on the ticket's total price. Different airlines provide different percent of discounts to the people.
  • Follow the procedure of booking a flight ticket of respective airlines by providing the required passenger and travel details. Fill in the travel dates, the class, seat preference, and the departure and destination city. If you want a one-way trip, click on the one-way option, and if it's a round trip, select the respective option. Click on submit.
  • You'll have to mention and make the airline know very well that you are physically handicapped. Also, mention the type of disability you are having to the airline.
  • Submit the disability certificate from a licensed health care institution or, if needed, provide the verification certificate issued by the chief medical officer of a district constituted by the government hospital. 
  • If people have some unique disability id card, you can use this card as a document to prove the disability. Remember that some reputed government organization issues the card.
  • Sometimes, the airline also provide wheelchairs or stretcher for the physically handicapped if you submit valid documents explaining the disability on time. Different airline provide different facility of wheelchairs to the handicapped people for their comfort and safety.

These are the methods and criteria regarding how to book flight tickets for handicapped people. Different airlines provide different facilities to handicapped people. If you are not able to book the flight with the steps mentioned above, you can connect the customer support of the respective airline. The executives can explain all the details and procedures to book the flight ticket for you. They can also guide to share the required documents for the verification. You can connect to customer support by using the phone number, live chats, social media, and email links present under the contact us section on the airline's official website.

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