How much does it cost to change a KLM flight?

Are you looking forward to changing your plans for your upcoming trip? If yes, then it is better to know about the KLM flight change policy before taking any further steps. You just have to go through the guide below, which will help you know everything about the flight change policy, like How much does it cost to change a KLM flight. What are the terms and conditions that the policy follows, and so much more? You can follow the guide further to get all the information.

KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy 

  • As per the KLM Airlines flight change policy, all the passengers are allowed to change and manage their flight dates and services depending upon the route and the destination.
  • The cost of your flight change includes the fee that the airlines charge basically and also the difference in the fare if any.
  • The KLM Airlines flight date change is only allowed and possible if the booking is made through the airline’s official web portal, customer support, or the airport counter itself.
  • The passengers can make the changes in their flight dates up to 7 days after the original flight departure, which is under the legal guidelines of the flight change policy of KLM Airlines.
  •  As per the KLM Airlines flight change policy, you are not allowed to transfer your flight to another airline.
  • All kinds of seat-class categories, short and long-haul flights, can be changed in KLM Airlines.

How to change a flight on KLM?

  • Go to the operative website of KLM Airlines and log in to the account you have.
  • Now, after logging in, you can reach the “manage bookings” section of your account.
  • In the “Manage bookings” section, choose the flight that you wish t change by entering the ticket reference number and the last name of the passenger.
  • After that, at the bottom of the flight date, you can click on the “Edit” option.
  • Now, you can enter the new departure and arrival dates for your fight change.
  • Further, click on the “search flights” option and choose the suitable flight as per the dates that you have entered.
  • Now, you will proceed to the payment section.
  • Select the mode of payment that you want to choose and make payment for the same.
  • Flight fares may vary depending upon the route, date, and destination that you have entered.
  • After doing all the formalities, you will get a confirmation mail or a message once your flight gets changed.

How many times can you change your KLM flight?

As per the flight change policy of KLM Airlines, the passengers can hassle-free change their flight up to 3 times with no charge. You can visit the online website of KLM Airlines to make changes to your flight date any time you wish to. Also, you can contact customer care support as well for further assistance.

KLM Flight change Fees

  • The passengers who travel internationally have to pay around USD 150- USD 200 to KLM Airlines as a flight change fee.
  • For domestic flights within Europe, the passengers need to pay around USD 70- USD 75 as flight change fees to the airlines which come under the legal policy of KLM.

So, if you wonder how much does it cost to change a KLM flight, read and follow the article above to get familiar with the charges you need to pay during your flight change on KLM. The best way you can use to change your flight is to attain it on the official website of the airlines. The flight change can also be done over a call as well.

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