How to change flight on KLM?

KLM always works with the passengers' needs and preferences to provide deals. Changes can happen anytime and with every passenger for which they need to change the flight and grab the new flight dates. For this, passengers ask how to change flight on KLM and avail the details. You need to learn about the change policy and some related conditions to know about the flight change. Following are the detailed information regarding this situation which you can read:

  • If you apply for the flight change within 24 hours of the purchase, you will not be charged with any cost. But for this, you must have bought the flight at least seven days before the departure.
  • Once you apply for the change after 24 hours, you need to pay some charges that will subtract according to the type of new ticket and time left for the existing flight.
  • If there is any difference of more between the new and existing flight tickets, you need to pay the surplus amount at the time of change.
  • If the new flight ticket cost is less than the existing ticket, KLM will refund the difference in the form of travel credit that you can use in the future.
  • If you purchase the flight with travel agencies, you cannot change or postpone your plan online as you need to contact your agency.
  • The new flight will be allotted according to the availability and number of passengers.

How to change the flight date on KLM?

When you find the details of the terms and conditions, you can proceed with the change online. To solve how to change flight on KLM, you need to perform the given steps in no time.

  • First, you are required to open the KLM airlines official website on your device at any search platform.
  • Then, you need to tap the "My trip" option given at the top of the website to view your flight details.
  • At there, you need to enter the booking code with your last name and tap on the search button.
  • With this, you will get the flight details at which you need to select the flight you want to change.
  • After that, tap on the change flight option and select the new travel dates from the given calendar.
  • You will proceed to the next screen, where you need to choose the new flight from the list.
  • If required, you need to make the payment and confirm the changes by receiving the confirmation message at your registered email id with a new flight ticket.

How much does it cost to change a ticket on KLM?

KLM is one of the finest airlines, and they also allow the passenger to change the flight ticket even after the confirmed reservation. Before making the changes in the ticket, passengers want to know the price they need to pay for this. You need to read below for detailed information about changing the flight ticket on KLM airlines.

  • If the passenger wants to make changes in bookings within 24 hours of making the reservation, you do not need to pay the charges.
  • If passengers make changes in the ticket after 24 hours of booking, they have to pay the charges. The applicable charges are between 120USD and 180USD.
  • If the passenger books the flight through any official representative, they will have to contact them to change the ticket.

The earlier mentioned statements will tell you how much does it cost to change a ticket on KLM? If you have any other queries, you can also contact the representative of the KLM airlines.

How to change name on klm flight

If you want to change your name on a KLM flight, then you should refer to the steps written below and get your name modified in your flight ticket.  

Steps to change your name on KLM flight 

  • On the homepage of KLM flight, you will find the option of “Manage Booking.”
  • Click on the tab and fill in the required details like your last name and your booking reference id and click on the search icon. 
  • Once your flight is navigated, then you will find the option of modifying your flight details. 
  • Modify your name and complete the procedure by making the name change charges if required. 
  • You can either receive a confirmation mail from the official mail address of JetBlue airlines, or you can refresh your page to see the changes in your flight details. 

How do I contact KLM to change my flight?

If you are not able to change the flight online, you can contact their customer service team. For that, you can open the contact us option given at the bottom of the website to find the various contact modes like call, chat, email, or social media. You need to select any preferred mode and request your issue from that. They will help you find the best new flight according to your destination in no time as they are 24 hours available.

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