How do I redeem my Aer Lingus voucher?

The airline says that travel vouchers are available under certain conditions to compensate for the refund requirements and that passengers can use the vouchers up to 5 years from the date of issue. Many policies surround the working of a refund voucher which may lead you to question, “How do I redeem my Aer Lingus voucher?” The following FAQs will give you all that there is to know about Aer Lingus Refund Vouchers. 

How to redeem an Aer Lingus voucher?

The steps are pretty simple, and you can do it from the comfort of your home. Following the given procedure to redeem your voucher.

  • You can redeem it at the time of making payment for a flight booking or flight-related purchase. 
  • Decide the service you wish to purchase.
  • At the payment screen, select the ‘Use Refund’ option. 
  • Enter the voucher code and click the ‘Submit’ option. 
  • The system will utilize the voucher, and the payment amount will get deducted from this voucher. 
  • If the purchase costs more than voucher value, you need to pay the difference. If residual voucher value is left after the payment, you can still use it for making future purchases related to fights under the validity period.

How long is an Aer Lingus voucher valid for?

The airline states that, in general, the validity period of a refund voucher is 5 years. This means you can use the voucher anytime within 5 years from the date of issue. However, you can’t use the voucher for the purchase of the following:

  • For third-party services such as hotel stays, taxi booking, etc. 
  • You can’t use it for booking an AerClub Travel Reward.
  • You may not use it for Deposit Booking or Price Blocking.
  • You can’t use it for Group Bookings. 

How to get Aer Lingus voucher?

In order to get an Aer Lingus voucher, you need to visit the official website. In case you booked your tickets through a travel agent, then only they can resolve your “How do I redeem my Aer Lingus voucher? “ question. Others who have booked through the official website or via the official mobile app. 

  • You can start the procedure by visiting and opening the ‘Plan and Booking’ tag on the homepage. 
  • Open the voucher information and click the form submission link at the bottom.
  • On the form, fill out all the required information related to the flight in question and submit it.
  • After the airline receives your submission, they will notify you about it and process the request. They will check if you are eligible for a voucher. Once your request is approved, you will receive the confirmation through the email.  
  • The head passenger would receive the voucher details in their mail, followed by the PIN number. 
  • These vouchers will be issued in the same currency in which the original ticket was paid. 

How do I get in touch with Aer Lingus?

Similar to all the quality airlines, this airline also hosts a variety of communication channels. Passengers should read through these lines to understand all the options they have and when to use them to get the best service. 

Via Customer Care:

  • You will find the contact us page through the helpdesk center. 
  • On the page, look for your country/region and open the drop-down. 
  • Your region’s contact details will appear. 

Via Chatting:

The airline offers chatting service through the website; you can connect with a live executive there and ask them to resolve our queries and even submit a refund voucher request form on your behalf. You would need to give your flight details, and then they can proceed with the required steps. 

Via Email: 

Aer Lingus has divided the airline into various departments, and you can access the email address through the help section. You may submit your query/request/complaint through this email, and a love executive will revert back to you. Remember to provide your contact details. 
Via Social Media:

It has an active presence on Twitter and Facebook. You can connect by visiting the Aer Lingus official page and posting your query along with the correct handler.

Now that you know how to reach the Aer Lingus support team, you can ask them to clarify any doubt you might still have 

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