How do I get a refund from tap Portugal?

Travel plans are the most exciting plans in someone’s life. If you have to cancel the flight, you also get worried about your money. Fortunately, TAP Portugal provides you the easiest refund on your cancellation. 

In this article, you will learn the answer to how do I get a refund from tap Portugal. You can also contact the customer service of TAP Portugal to get your refund.

Steps to get the refund from TAP Portugal

  • You need to take yourself to the official website of TAP Portugal.
  • You will see the Special Conditions option in the Booking and Managing menu.
  • Click on the option to see the Refund form on the new page.
  • Scroll down a little to see the Request Refund option on the page.
  • Select the reason for canceling the flight from the different links given.
  • Now, choose the method by which you want to get your money back.
  • You can choose to reschedule the flight, Travel Voucher, or original mode of payment.
  • Now, you need to enter your ticket number and surname in the given blanks.
  • Complete the verification and click on Continue.
  • You are required to fill a form describing the main issue for a refund.
  • State your reason and attach a file supporting your reason.
  • Now, you need to complete the process as per the given instruction.
  • You will get a refund link in your email where you check the refund status.

How do I get my money back from TAP Portugal?

By following the steps above, you will get the solution of how do I get my money back from TAP Portugal. You can also contact the customer service of TAP Portugal.

TAP Portugal customer service

  • You need to click on the Help button on the official page of TAP Portugal.
  • Click on the Contact Button to see the phone number of the airline.
  • You can dial the number at the given timings to contact the live person.
  • You can also send a message on the Facebook and Twitter message boxes.
  • There is also the Skype option available on the contact page that you can use.

Can I get a cash refund from TAP Portugal?

Yes, you can get a cash refund from TAP Portugal, depending on your fare condition and time of cancellation. In addition, you can also get a refund when the airline cancels your flight. As per the TAP Portugal refund policy, if you cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking, you are eligible to get a cash refund with the deduction of some refund fee. Here you can follow the procedure below to request your refund online.

How to get a refund from TAP Portugal?

  • You can go to the manage booking section of the airline
  • There you can search for the Manage booking section
  • Click on the tab cancel/Refund, and then a new page opens up
  • Select the second option that you want to cancel the flight and get a refund
  • Now on your screen, you need to select the Mode of refund
  • You can select the original payment mode again click continue on the screen
  • On the refund page, click the request a refund, enter ticket number and surname, click continue

So doing this, you can apply for a refund anytime. Once you apply for the refund, you can expect the amount in your bank in 7-10 business days. Can I get a cash refund from TAP Portugal? You must have got the answer. In case you have any doubt, speak to the TAP representative.

How do I contact customer service?

So, by following the above steps, you can get the answer of how do I contact customer service. You can also contact the airline via email. Just click on the See All button and you will find other options to contact TAP Portugal. Make sure that the refund takes about 14 business days to reflect in your account. You can contact the airline after that.

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