How do I get a refund from Aer Lingus?

Life can hit you with a positive turn of events or take you by surprise with an obstacle; anything is possible. Sudden changes in plan lead to flight cancellation, and passengers are left to their own imagination regarding their refund amount. 

Aer Lingus, a subsidiary of International Airline Group, has a vast collection of policies to ensure passengers don’t lose any money when they cancel their flights. If you are an Aer Lingus passenger who is concerned with “How do I get a refund from Aer Lingus?”, this article has your back. 

Aer Lingus Refund Request

In order to submit a refund request form, you need to first cancel your booking. Once you have done that, you can proceed to ask for a refund. There are different ways in which you can apply for a refund.

  • Through Refund Request Form: The website provides the passengers a mode to submit their requests. You need to open and visit the home page.
  • Once here, scroll past the entire page and reach the bottom. Here you will see a ‘Help & Support’ column. The second option is ‘Support’; this will lead you to a request form.
  • Select ‘Cancellations and Refund’ on the support page. On the new page, in the first paragraph, the link to the refund request is visible as a blue link in the first two lines. Open this link, fill out the form and submit it.
  • Customer support: This is another option to answer “How do I get a refund from Aer Lingus?” without any hassle. You just need to get the support team number for your country/region for this.
  • Through Special Links: If you scroll down the same support page, you will find ‘Complete your task online’ title. Here you can select ‘Request a cash refund’ or ‘Request a refund voucher’ to complete your request. 

Aer Lingus Refund Policy 

But out of the two links ‘ Request a cash refund’ or ‘Request a refund voucher,’ how would you know which one to choose?

If you don’t already know, your refund amount depends on your ticket type and how long before your scheduled departure you cancel your ticket. 

  • Cancel your ticket within 24 hours of its confirmation, and you will get a full refund, regardless of your ticket type. To make sure that, keep in mind that the departure date should not be less than 7 days from the date you cancel and request a refund. 
  • If you booked through a travel agency, contact them for a refund request and not the airline.
  • Saver, Smart, and Plus fares fall under the non-refundable category. Also, once paid, you can not refund Change fees, seat fees, and baggage fees.
  • Flex fare tickets fetch a full refund if you cancel 2 hours before departure,
  • Full refund minus 15% of taxes is processed for Business class refund .
  • Get full refund on cancellation of Business Flex ticket.

How long is it taking to get a refund from Aer Lingus? 

The official website claims that the airline will refund the calculated amount back to the original account used at the time of payment in 7 days. Under special circumstances, this period may increase.

Passengers don’t need to hesitate to clarify any doubts they have regarding their refund amount. The airline staff is very supportive and understanding. They have rigorously trained to provide the best service, so you can be tension-free in their company.

How do I contact Aer Lingus for a refund?

You have the following options to connect with Aer Lingus for a refund.

  • Direct Call: Once you reach the title ‘Need immediate help with your booking?’ on the contact page, click on your region/country, and the name will expand. Showing you contact details.
  • Chat: On the same support page, you will see a chatbox on the right. It is an automated chatbot, and you reach your solution by clicking the appropriate option during the chat.
  • Special Links: The ‘Complete your task online’ will provide you special links you can use to contact Aer Lingus. Select your type, and the appropriate action page will load.
  • Social Media: At the very end of the contact page, you will see Facebook and Twitter logos next to ‘Connect With Us’. Click on these logos to use the social platform to connect.

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