How do I change my trip on Sunwing?

Each airline has its specific policies that govern the various modes of services and the procedures that the consumers can undertake. These policies comprehensively list out various rules on almost every topic, from booking a reservation, and changing it, to cancelations and refunds. The Sunwing Airline commuters who are curious about "How do I change my trip on Sunwing?" would need to go through the Sunwing flight change policies before they make any changes. The upcoming sections talk abundantly on the same topic.

What is the Sunwing Airlines Flight Change Policy?

  • Any Sunwing flight reservation can be changed within 24 hours from the booking without inviting any charges, provided the booking was made a week before the flight departure.
  • This applies to a ticket of any fare type and whether being refundable or not.
  • After 24 hours from the booking, a flight change will invite a flight change charge. 
  • The flight can be changed to 45 days from the flight departure by paying a change fee of USD 50.
  • If the new flight fare is lesser than the previous one, there will be no refund on the original price.
  • However, the difference in the flight fare on booking a costlier flight will have to be paid.
  • A Sunwing flight can be changed by contacting the original vendor from who bought the reservation.
  • Those who got their bookings through a third-party vendor like a travel agency will have to contact the same agency to ask for the Sunwing flight change.

How can a Sunwing flight be changed?

If one got their confirmed reservation directly from Sunwing or one of its directly affiliated associates, the Sunwing flight can be changed by using the airline's official website or mobile application, as described ahead:

Via Sunwing Website:

  • Reach the Sunwing homepage and log in with your Sunwing account credentials.
  • If one doesn't have a Sunwing account, they can create a new one for free.
  • Once logged in, go to the "Manage Booking" tab and click on the flight reservation, which needs to be changed.
  • Next, the webpage will open up the flight itinerary of the reservation. Select the "Change" option and click on "Change flight."
  • Search and choose a new flight reservation as needed.
  • Confirm the flight changes by completing the payments as prompted by the browser.
  • An email from Sunwing will be sent to you to affirm a successful flight change.

Via Mobile application:

The Sunwing mobile application can be downloaded from the application store of your mobile device. Those who wonder, "How do I change my trip on Sunwing?" need to create a new Sunwing account or log in with their existing account to get the application working. The flight change procedure hence is the same as that of the website.

How can I change flight date in Sunwing?

  • One can change their Sunwing flight date by using the "Manage Booking" option on the Sunwing website.
  • Once the said option is selected, search for the said flight using the reservation details and then click on "Change."
  • Next, select a new flight on the required date.
  • Pay any charges if prompted by the website and confirm the flight changes.

An email will confirm the change of dates of one's flight reservation.

How do I contact Sunwing Airlines?

Sunwing customer support can be contacted by calling their voice support team, using the live chat service, email, or social media platforms. However, those looking to contact a live agent at Sunwing should use the voice or chat support service. 

These contact details can be found by clicking on the "Contact Us" option at the bottom of Sunwing's homepage. 

There are various contact numbers of the Sunwing customer service on this page, and those asking "How do I contact Sunwing Airlines?" can dial the relevant number to reach out to a voice support agent at Sunwing.

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