How can I get my money back from IndiGo?

When you are applying for a refund for that, you should also have the refund knowledge of when you can have the refund and when you cannot. And when you are confirmed that you get a refund, your major question arises as to How can I get my money back from IndiGo? So for that, you can either submit the refund fund or contact the customer service of IndiGo; by using any of these steps, you can process your refund. 

Indigo Airlines Refund Policy

When you seek a refund for IndiGo for any reason, then have a look at the refund policy to check the eligibility criteria and when can be the best time to cancel the booking to get the refund. Knowing this will clear all the issues arising in your head. And the refund policy of IndiGo contains:-

  • To get the total amount, you have to cancel the booking within 24 of booking, and the booking must be made seven days before flight departure. 
  • When the grace period is over, you have to pay the cancellation, and the remaining amount you can get is a refund. This is when you cancel after 24 hours.
  • You are eligible for a refund when you cancel the booking before two hours of flight departure when you are taking a domestic flight, and for the international flight, you have to cancel four hours prior to the flight departure. And when the cancellation is made after that, you have to forget your booking fee.
  • You can get the money in cash if you have paid at the domestic airline counter but international flyers have to email the customer service if they want to receive the refund in cash.
  • When you cannot fly, you will receive only tax in return for the particular airport.
  • The liability of a travel agent comes into action when you have made a reservation through then. They will cancel your booking and also apply for a refund. 

How long does IndiGo take to refund?

When you have applied for a refund, you must be thinking about the time it will be taken for IndiGo to return your money. The timing is based on the mode of payment and also on your case type. Actually, you can have up to seven days for the refund because they have to process the cancellation charge. They release the refund from IndiGo, but when you have not used cash or credit checks. For credit cards and cheques, it might take 20 business days. You will have cheques in hand, and a credit card will reflect in your account. If you didn't receive the amount, you could contact the customer service of IndiGo airlines.

How do I check my refund status?

When you have submitted the refund request and worry about the progress status, then you can check your refund status either by calling the customer service of IndiGo and providing the necessary details, and they will share the status of your refund, or online you can check the status of your refund. So check the status online take a hint from the stated points:-

  • Use the IndiGo airline official page from your internet browser; otherwise, you can choose to use the IndiGo airline mobile application.
  • When the homepage opens by scrolling down, you get the option of Indigo alerts; tap on that.
  • After tapping, the next page will open, which will have plan B written as mentioned. 
  • On the same page on the left side, you have a refund status option; tap on the same.
  • To track the refund, you have to enter your PNR/booking reference number and email or the last name of flyer; after that, tap on the track refund status.
  • After that, you will see the refund summary, which states the progress of your refund.

Hence, here is the answer that has been written to the frequently asked: How can I get my money back from IndiGo? But for more information or to be sure, you can speak to the customer service of IndiGo airline and get all the information you need.

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