Can I change the name on a KLM ticket?

Going from one place to another entails many documentation procedures, and the most important one is identity verification. Your identity is mostly dependent on your name; a slight change in placement in letters can change your identity on official documents. Still, the most common mistake people make in their reservations is putting the wrong name in passenger details. Now comes the question of KLM Airlines, if you booked a ticket and made a mistake, then “Can I change the name on a KLM ticket?” must be a burning question for you right now. But you don’t need to worry, as this airline is quite understanding of this situation. There are different policies surrounding the name change procedure. To understand how they can benefit you and what is the right time to use them, you should go through this article at least once. 

KLM Airlines name change policy

Following policies dictate how the name change procedure is carried out. 

  • The first and most important thing you should make note that the airline will not allow you to completely change the whole name. This means you can tweak a few wrong letter placements in your name, but a complete change of name is not possible. 
  • The above also implies you can’t transfer your ticket to another person. 
  • You are allowed to make changes for up to 30 hours before the flight takes off. This is only applicable to flights operated under KLM and the following partner airlines; Air France and Delta Airlines. 
  • If you are to fly by other partner airlines, you can ask for a name change up to 72 hours before the departure. 
  • One thing to note while asking, “Can I change the name on a KLM ticket?” is that these free services are only applicable one time. If you want to change it again, then you would have to pay a fee that is decided by the airline. 
  • Passengers who have booked through a third-party travel service provider need to connect with the respective agent. The airline will carry out the procedure through the agent. Do this in advance because this will take longer than other methods. 
  • There are certain conditions where you don’t need to change your spelling; these are: when you have multiple first names, if you have entered the name without any space and when your middle name or last name is mentioned on your passport.  
  • To apply the name change service for a group reservation, you need to connect with the customer care executives. 

You can easily correct your spelling from the booking management tool on the website and the app. 

How much does KLM charge to name on ticket?

As mentioned in the policies, in most cases, the airline will allow you to make changes for free. However, if you don’t meet these criteria, then you will be charged by the airline for this service. There is no fixed charge for how much the airline will charge, but it will be equal to a fraction of the amount you paid for the booking. The fee will depend on factors such as the route you are bound to travel, the origin and the destination, the ticket class that you will be flying, etc. 

Even if you are flying under the partner airlines, you will need to pay a fee if you need multiple attempts to correct the spelling name. The number of attempts is not unlimited; after 2 to 3 tries, the airline will stop you from making any more changes. 

Are KLM tickets transferable?

Transferring your KLM ticket essentially means completely changing your name on the ticket, which is prohibited by the airline. So taking this under consideration, no, the airline does not allow you to transfer your ticket to someone else. 

However, you can transfer your vouchers to another passenger, provided they can produce a proof that you purposely gave them the voucher for their personal use. 

You are also allowed to use your miles points to book tickets for another person, but you can’t transfer an already booked ticket to another person. 

If you need assistance with name change, voucher transfer, or your miles account, consider connecting with a support executive. The help is just a call away and available 24*7.

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