Can I change name on Qatar Airways ticket?

Yes, you can change your name on the Qatar Airways flight ticket after booking under some conditions; however, if your ticket’s name will change in the 24 hours to get it on free of cost. In addition, if you change your name after the departure time of 24 hours within or change your name after 24 hours, the airways must take additional charges from you to make your booking appropriately. In addition, the process of name changing will update from all things will take time of 3 to 8 weeks. If you are thinking that how Can I change name on Qatar Airways ticket? Then, here you will read the name change policy and the steps of name changing on the Qatar air. So, you can easily change your name on a Qatar Airways flight.

Qatar Airways name change policy

  • According to Qatar Airways’ name change policy, if wayfarers want to change their name from them, the airline will make additional charges for this that you must have to pay. 
  • You can change your name within 24 hours free of cost, but after 24 hours, you will pay for it.
  • Airways can take 66 USD to 170 USD for name changes on their reserved tickets.
  • The ticket is not booked through AAdvantage, reward, or any promo code for changing the name because of the airways policy.
  • Moreover, before 1 hour of flying the aeroplane, you book your ticket.
  • However, you only change your name from the Qatar Airways tickets are valid and important conditions like divorce and marriage situations.
  • The name change will apply to the tickets when you book tickets via a Qatar Airways reservation.

However, nowhere will you see how you will change your name from the tickets at Qatar Airways. Therefore, for that, it is required to follow the below present instructions.

  • Open the website of the Qatar Airways>>> click on “manage reservation”>>> add reservation code no. & the last name of your name.
  • Change the reservation by selecting Qatar Airways.
  • Then, you have to change or modify your name from your reservation, if airways allow you to change your name.
  • After that, you must go to the payment page option and pay your name changing fare>>>save your changes.
  • The official mail from Qatar Airways will get it that you will show at the airport.

How much does it cost to change a Qatar Airways ticket? 

Therefore, if you want to change a Qatar Airways ticket and you are changing your name by calling, virtual, and at the airport mode, you have to pay for it. However, the airline will take charge approx USD 66 to USD 170 for name changing. In addition, the fare will apply to all types of name-changing methods.

In conclusion, you will solve all your query or doubts regarding Can I change name on Qatar Airways ticket? with this article. So, further, if you are still getting problems while changing the name, you can easily contact the Qatar Airway. In addition, there are many types from which you can easily contact them via mail, phone call, live chat, online support chat through text, or social media platforms. Moreover, you can subscribe to and follow their social media platforms or YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook channels. However, if you want to know more, you can also reach the airport and ask what you want to know from there. Also, you can avail latest and updated information and news about Qatar Airways. So, you can also get the best services from them.

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