How long does it take to get refund from Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is the most prominent airline in Qatar. They are one of the renowned airlines for providing the services and making their passengers’ rides special and memorable. If you are someone who booked a flight with Qatar Airways but could not appear at the airport, you are wondering; How long does it take to get refund from Qatar Airways? Then keep calm and follow this page to know everything regarding the refund at Qatar Airways.

Qatar Airways Refund Policy  

Before applying for a refund, it is always necessary that we know what the policies regarding the same are. So, read further to know the important highlights from the refund policy of Qatar Airways.

Learn about the Qatar Refund policy

  • Qatar Airways allows you to request a refund after 24 - hours of purchasing the flight ticket free of cost.
  • You can make the request for a refund only when you have booked the flights with Qatar Airways. 
  • If there is any third party involved in your flight booking, then you should consult them regarding your refund. 
  • It will take time for your refund to be processed based on the mode of payment you chose at the time of flight booking. 
  • The airlines will give you your refund after deducting all the necessary chargers which they have to
  • You cannot apply for a refund after the validity of your flight ticket. 
  • If you have an unused ticket, then you will get the full refund after deducting the necessary charges. However, if you have a ticket that is used, then, in that case, you will get a refund for the unused portion of the ticket. 

The highlights, as mentioned above, are certain quick highlights to the refund policy of Qatar Airways.

If you are wondering, How long does it take to get refund from Qatar Airways? Then it depends on the type of payment method you used at the time of flight booking. If you used cash when booking your flight, then it will take 20 working days for the refund to reflect in your account. If you have made the payment through the credit card, then it will take seven working days for your refund amount to be seen. 

How do I get a refund from Qatar Airways?

You can easily apply for a refund through the steps mentioned below. All you have to do is to follow them categorically and ask for a refund from Qatar Airways. 

Steps to apply for your refund.

  • For the preliminary round, you have to visit the official website of Qatar Airways. 
  • Scroll down the homepage, and you will spot the “Contact” option, and under it would be the option to open the “Help” page. 
  • Once your help page is opened, you will see the “Refund and reebok” option. Click on the option to open the refund tab. 
  • Fill out the details asked, including your last name and your reference number. 
  • Once filled, click on the “Search” button to find your flight booking. 
  • When you have your flight details, then you will notice the option name refund request. 
  • Fill out all the necessary details to complete your refund request form, and then hit the “send” button.
  • Wait for Qatar Airways to process your refund request when they process your refund request. Then, you will be notified through a confirmation mail.

The refund request form is the most convenient and easiest method to get your refund from Qatar Airways. You can easily apply for a refund in an above-said manner on Qatar Airways.  

How do I get in touch with Qatar Airways?

You can use various different communication methods to get in touch with the customer care department of Qatar Airways. The most promising and the most fitting communication methods are mentioned below;

  • Via Calling the service on their official help number. 
  • Through Customer forms or composing your query in a detailed manner and sending it on the official help mail of Qatar Airways. 
  • By the Live chat option, which is present on their official contact page. 

You can contact customer care services anytime as they are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can get in touch with the airlines in case of any concerns.