What are Hawaiian Airlines current cancellation policy?

You have a  Hawaiian Airlines ticket, but for any reason, you want to cancel the flight or want to know what Hawaiian Airlines current cancellation policy? Then you can refer to the below context and learn about the policy.

  • There is no cancellation charge if you are canceling your ticket within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Canceling the flight ticket before seven days of flight departure then, also there is no cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation is made except for any of the above conditions, and then the cancellation charge will be taken as per the type of fare.
  •  You can also take the cancellation insurance, and if the cancellation is made after that, you are eligible for the full refund as per the insurance term and conditions.
  • When you have made your booking with the travel agent, they will be responsible for your cancellation and the refund.

How do I cancel my trip in Hawaiian Airlines?

And if you are looking for a guide for the cancellation, then you can take reference from the following points:-

  • Open the Hawaiian Airlines mobile application on your mobile phone or by your internet browser and search for the official page of Hawaiian Airlines.
  • From there, click on the manage flight option t the manage flight opinion; you have your trip option select that,
  • When you hit on my trip option, you have to enter the last name and the ticket number of the passenger. And click on it to view my trip. 
  • As your trip detail appears at the bottom dashboard, you have the cancellation option selected. 
  • When the cancellation process starts, and if you have canceled your flight after the grace period, you can see the cancellation charge. And below that continue option, select that option.
  • After selecting the continue option, you will receive the confirmatory message in your email.
  • You can also cancel your ticket by calling the reservation desk of Hawaiian Airlines.

Are Hawaiian Airlines giving refunds?

yes, you can get the refund from the Hawaiian Airlines, but the refund is based on the date and time of your cancellation that

  • You can have a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of booking and the booking was made seven days before flight departure, then you have your full amount refund.
  • After the given time cancellation is made, there is approx 70 to 75 USD charge for the cancellation, and it will also depend upon the type of fare you have. After the cancellation fee, the rest you have to refund.
  • When flights get canceled by the airline, you can have the full amount refund if you have the refundable ticket, but if you are carrying the nonrefundable ticket, then you have flight credit.

How do I get through to Hawaiian Airlines?

Having any kind of queries regarding the Hawaiian Airlines and ant to get through to Hawaiian Airlines the customer service, then you can choose from the below option:-


You can ask for help from customer service through a call and get the solution right away. And to obtain the customer service number, follow these steps:-

  • Visit the official page of Hawaiian Airlines by an internet browser or mobile application.
  • Then at the top of the page, you have the contact us option select that option.
  •  Once you have selected the contact us option, you have the page inform of your and scroll down, and you have the customer service number. 
  • Dial the number and ass the IVR step, and get in touch with a live person

Live chat

You can also have the immediate solution by the live chat option that is on the contact us page; to get the contact u page, follow the above steps, and from there, choose the live chat option Email 

If you wish to contact via email, that option is also available with Hawaiian Airlines; follow the steps which have mentioned the call option and get to the contact us page and from there, choose the email option. These are only a few mentions to get in touch with the customer service, and you also have the other option on the contact us page.

Hence the query like What are Hawaiian Airlines current cancellation policy? Or how to get in touch with the Hawaiian Airlines customer service had been mentioned in this article.