TAP Portugal Baggage Policy

Would you like to know about the baggage policy of the TAP Portugal? If so, then don't get disappointed as here you will get the related information on the same. TAP Portugal is a famous airline of Portugal that provides easy and impulsive baggage policy for its passengers. This airline allows us to carry Checked baggage, Excess Baggage, and carry-on baggage. Due to restricted overhead space, the airline passengers traveling on flights with 50 seats or less are only allowed to carry one personal item on-board the TAP Portugal aircraft. Let’s take a look at the TAP Portugal baggage policy that is mentioned below.

How many bags can you carry on TAP Portugal?


  • There is no maximum weight applied to carry-on baggage.
  • Therefore, this varies across airports. Go to the TAP Portugal website for more information.

Checked Baggage

  • If you are travelling with TAP Portugal, the most common fees for passengers travelling domestically, this airline may charge some of the extra fees for extra baggage the information provided on TAP Portugal official site. 
  • This may vary between routes. Go to the official website of the TAP Portugal for more information.

Excess Baggage

  • If you are travelling with TAP Portugal, the individual excess baggage fees are applied for each limitation if you exceed size, weight and quantity.
  • Normally, this varies between geographic regions. You must visit the TAP Portugal official website for more information and exact fees.

Allows Special Items

  • This airline allows a variety of sporting equipment and special baggage on TAP Portugal flights. Due to the baggage size, some of the items may be counted as standard checked bags.
  • Therefore, TAP Portugal will be considered as overweight or oversized items. As such, some charges and certain restrictions will apply by TAP Portugal. You can also go the official website of the TAP Portugal. 

TAP Portugal allows pets on board

  • Dogs, cats and household birds are allowed on-board for $125 one way to/ from most destinations. The outside Portugal travel fee is $200.
  • The pets should fit within a carrier box that, in turn, fits under the seat in front. The carrier will be counted as one piece of TAP Portugal carry-on luggage.

How strict is TAP Portugal on baggage?

By following the above-mentioned points, one can easily get to know about the baggage policy of the TAP Portugal airline in a very simple manner. If you want to know how strict is TAP Portugal on baggage? You can contact the customer support team for desired and prompt assistance.

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