Pegasus Airlines refund policy

When you cancel the flight with Pegasus Airlines, it asks you whether you want a refund or not. With its flexible policies, the airline has made cancellation easy for customers. Now they can request a refund and plan a trip for the next time. However, to get a refund from the airline, one must know Pegasus Airlines refund policy. In this article, you can see the important points that can help you in a smooth refund process and help you save some money. 

Important refund policies of Pegasus Airlines

  • When you cancel a flight with Pegasus within 24 hours of booking the tickets, you are entitled to get a complete refund irrespective of your ticket type.
  • Failing to cancel the flight in a risk-free period puts a charge of 30-70% on your refund amount as a penalty.
  • Passengers should request a refund on the same platform they booked and canceled the flight.
  • Pegasus credits a refund within 7-10 working days, considering a ten-day margin for all kinds of banks and payment modes.
  • The travelers must provide proof of cancellation to get a refund on non-refundable tickets.

These are the important policies of Pegasus Airlines you should know before canceling the ticket and requesting a refund. If you want to know the steps to request a refund from the airline, check the next segment.

How to get refund from Pegasus?

The airline offers you various ways to request a refund. You can open the official website and choose any way to make the request. The methods are:

  1. Using the Manage Booking option
  2. By calling the customer support
  3. By filling out a refund form.

In any case, you need to cancel the flight first and then process it.

Steps to get a refund from Pegasus Airlines online

  • Open the Manage Booking option from the top menu.
  • Provide the ticket number and booking information to see the booking.
  • Cancel the flight and click on the Request Refund button.
  • Fill out the form on your screen, providing the correct information.

Submit the form to get a response from customer representatives. Once they complete the verification for your request, you get a link in your email for refund status.

Get a refund from Pegasus using customer service.

  • Visit the contact page of the airline and locate the phone number,
  • Dial the number and wait to hear the IVR menu.
  • Press 3 to request for refund and then press 5

A live person speaks to you about the issue and helps you initiate the refund requests.

Get a refund using the Refund form.

The refund form is available on the contact page of Pegasus Airlines. Click on the link and fill in all the details required to initiate the request. After submitting the form, you get an email containing the refund status link.

How long does it take to get a refund from Pegasus Airlines?

The time of refund usually depends on when you initiated the request. Once the airline verifies the request, it takes 7-10 business days to provide your refund. Apart from this, the money depends on other factors as well like-

  • If you have made the booking using a credit card, you can get a refund within seven days.
  • If the passengers have selected different methods to make the payment, it may take up to 10-20 working days to credit the refund.
  • If your refund is later than the due date, you need to contact the bank, and the airline is not responsible once they have initiated the amount.

So, these are some important information you must know before applying for a refund with Pegasus. However, if you have any questions about Pegasus Airlines refund policy or steps, contact customer service. The live person helps you understand the policies and provide instructions to request your own. Once you get the money back from the airline, plan a new trip and save the money with Pegasus Airlines.

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