LOT Polish Airlines Manage my Booking

Do you need to know the specifics of how to manage a LOT Polish booking? LOT Polish Airlines provides excellent travel services for a wide range of destinations. Those interested in flying with LOT Polish Airlines can make a reservation using a handy online system. Moreover, LOT Polish offers travelers facility to manage a booking service, allowing them to make required arrangements prior to scheduled departure inside a pre-determined time frame. You can find out more proper details about how LOT Polish Airlines manage my booking by reading the information below.

Learn the procedure to manage your booking on LOT Polish?

LOT Polish passengers can view the booked flight information in the manage booking area and make any required adjustments there Call on (00 48 22 577 77 55). You also can learn the process for LOT Polish Airlines manage my booking by following the steps described below.

  • Go to LOT Polish Airlines website and look for the option to manage your booking.
  • Then open the Manage Your Booking tab and type your last name in the provided box.
  • After that, you have to enter the Booking reference ID and click the next button.
  • All of your LOT Polish bookings will be displayed, from which you can choose one that you want to manage.
  • After selecting the flight you have to manage, implement necessary changes that you want on it.
  • Then make the payment for any additional services you that you have included in your itinerary.
  • Finally save your booking, and LOT Polish Airlines will send you an email with information about the adjustments you made through Manage Bookings.

Know the rules to manage a booking with LOT Polish Airlines?

Passengers on LOT Polish have access to a variety of services through the airlines manage booking service. The option to manage bookings is offered for the passengers' convenience. You can get more details about the rules of LOT Polish Airlines manage my booking from the points below.

  • You can modify as well as cancel your LOT Polish Airlines reservations as per it’s manage booking rule.
  • Passengers on LOT Polish can add some extra service to their reservations from the airline's official website according to manage booking rule.
  • Furthermore, manage booking regulation gives travelers the option of online flight check-in or upgrading their seats 

LOT Polish Airlines live chat

In addition, you may call or use the LOT Polish Airlines live chat service for additional assistance with managing your booking or any other booking-related issue. At the same time, you can acquire the details for managing bookings with LOT Polish Airlines from the information given above.