How to change name on Allegiant flight?

Allegiant Airlines operates its website as a representation and offers all its services and facilities. You may obtain anything that suits you and get knowledge of everything related to the airline. Now, get the information on how to change name on allegiant flight and its policies. 

Allegiant Airlines name change policy

All the services and facilities are maintained and operated by some rules and regulations. Similarly, you can observe the policies for changing your name also, on the ticket of Allegiant Airlines:-

  • You will not be allowed any chance to board your flight if your name on the ticket and the boarding pass or passport does not match. 
  • You may also be experiencing the situation of ticket cancellation from Allegiant Airlines due to improper names.
  • You need to contact the airline or reach the airport desk of the airline to correct the name on your ticket.
  • You will not be charged the cost of changing the name if you alter your name on the same day of booking.
  • You may get charged some amount by the airline if you do so after a day of ticket purchase.
  • Only some name letters can be changed, but if you wish to change the full name, you need to cancel the last ticket and make a new booking. You will have to pay only the difference amount.

How to change name on the Allegiant flight

It is the question that is answered by the experts in FAQs and other media platforms as well, But it looks a little confusing. Get the answer to how to change name on allegiant flight, various methodsand check detailed steps also for its procedure:-


  • Visit the website of Allegiant Airlines and tap on the option of “Manage Booking”.
  • Open your booked ticket by filling the boxes with your “Confirmation number” and “Last name”.
  • Check all the editing options available and select “Edit name” to alter your name.
  • Place the correct name and proceed to submit a document proving the authenticity of the new name.
  • Pay the amount for the obtained service and book your ticket with the corrected name.

Helpdesk phone call:- Allegiant Airlines has a service to sort out your problems through its support team. Understand everything in the points and details:-

  • You can dial the airline’s phone number, 1 (702)-505-8888, and get the live person on call. 
  • When you contact the airline, an IVR will handle the call and ask you to select the language first. 
  • Then you can press a particular that is set to obtain the name change facility of Allegiant Airlines. 
  • You will also get a digit for the live representative of the airline’s team. Share your query and request to make changes to your ticket.

Airport helpdesk:- You may also reach your nearest airport for the name change issue. If you believe that visiting the counter is a much better way to handle this situation, then you can also get this option. Talk to the airline’s person at the counter and request to change the name of your booking.

You must show the same submitted document you have used to change the name while boarding your flight.