How to change flight on Southwest?

Mainly, there are possibilities where passengers have a sudden change in plan, and then you will plan accordingly and shuffle your date for flying on Southwest Airlines. Because flight change is quite a convenient option, you know how to change flight on Southwest and quickly shift your date head. Then you will have to pay for the same itinerary after flight change, and you will have to execute flight change under some policy conditions. Therefore, if you want to get guidance on flight change and its policy, you will get answers with the best solutions after going below questions for further assistance.

How can I change flight on Southwest Airlines?

In the case where you want to change the flight of Southwest Airlines, then you must go through the process against how to change flight on Southwest because the online system is one of the most convenient options through which you will get assisted quite efficiently and the flight change process is headed below for reference.

Key perks to flight change on Southwest Airlines:

  • First, visit the airline's official website page and then search for the manage my booking tab over its homepage.
  • Now you will enter the PNR number of the flight ticket and the passenger's last name. 
  • Click on the search button.
  • Next on-screen, you will get your booking available. 
  • After which, you will tap over the modify option and choose the edit option therein. 
  • Then you select the itinerary change option, wherein you get the chance to change the date, time, destination, and class of travel, and click on continue. 
  • You will get the fare difference amount on the screen, and after entering a credit/debit card, you will get the verification code.
  • Lastly, enter the code within the verification field and continue, and you will get a full rundown for the fare difference and your new details.

How do I change my Southwest flight without fare difference?

There are situations where passengers will find this issue that they have sudden change for travel due to unusual circumstances like climatic conditions or illness, etc. Then you can change your flight, but you get a query for How do I change my Southwest flight without fare difference; at that time, you will have to be well aware of the policies under which you will get to execution for change flight without fare difference, etc.

  • According to Southwest Airlines flight change policy, passengers can make changes to their itinerary within 24 hours of purchase then no fare difference applies to your ticket. 
  • But beyond 24 hours or 60 days of departure time, you will have to pay the fare difference according to your trip type.
  • For the refund request, after 24 hours, the amount of non-refundable tickets will get transferred into your travel credit account for future travel.

How to change flight destination on Southwest?

If you want only your flight ticket destination, you will have to know the procedure for how to change flight destination on Southwest, and then the best possible way is the online process. To execute this task, you will go to manage my booking section and then there enter the flight booking number and last name of the passenger and click over the change option. Now therein, you will select the destination tab, and you choose your new destination and continue and pay the fare difference if available.