How to change flight on British Airways?

Traveling is assumed to be an uncertain event that can vary at any moment. When you have made a travel arrangement with British Airways, but the flight you have chosen does not satisfy the selected flight, then you can make the changes for the same. When you need clarification, such as How to change flight on British Airways, then do not get worried about the same because the solution has been raised at the bottom.

Dial British Airways change number

You can get a hold of a human at the airline over call and then conduct the procedure without any stress. There you get to share information of the itinerary, and the phone number is 

1 (800) 247-9297. Afterward, you can choose an official language from the shared recorded message and then the appropriate options from the forward shared telephone menu.

Perform online steps

When you urge to carry out the change task independently, use its online modes. Further, if you need any sort of clues for a change flight, then act along the prescribed steps:-

  • Get to the British Airways official web page
  • Further, choose to manage options
  • Now, submit the booking reference number and the surname
  • And then, click on the Change flight icon
  • Later, pick a flight from the available options and click on the following icon
  • Afterward, pay the change fees with the fare difference and click on the finish icon.
  • Then you could receive a confirmation and phone number in the email.

What is British Airways Flight Change Policy

The change in British Airlines is subject to specific terms and conditions. So, you can locate the details about the relevant provision in the Flight change policy, and it has been displayed at the bottom: -

  • When you have to go for a flight change within 24 hours of ticket purchase, then you can do that without paying any additional charges. 
  • The fare that consists of flight change after the expiration of the grace period is subject to change fees and fare differences. 
  • The flight change is subject to seat availability. If a seat is not vacant, then you may not be able to switch the same.
  • When you have an illness or medical emergency that results in changing a flight, then you could not have to pay a penalty. But the document related to those has to be submitted to airlines for approval.
  • If your original flight has been delayed by more than four hours on the departure or actual fight, you get a free window to change the same. 
  • When you have made a booking through a travel agent, then get in touch with them for a change, not the airline.

How much does it cost to change flight British Airways?

The flight change on British Airways could be conducted without paying any change fees. Whenever this grace period expires, the airline could apply a penalty of around $60 to $350. The change fees could depend on the destinations and fare types.

Furthermore, you can eliminate questions such as How to change flight on British Airways because answers have been mentioned. Whenever you get any confusion about change, communicate with the customer service team.