How to change flight on Air Canada?

Air Canada is a flag carrier of the, and it is being termed as the largest airline of Canada. Unlike any other airline, Air Canada has its policy regarding the flight change policy, and you easily get its services. You will easily know How to change a flight on Air Canada and get the most appropriate services from them. 

Air Canada Flight Change Policy

  1. If you have made a reservation with basic economy tickets, you are not supposed to make any changes after 24 hours and do so
  2. If you have purchased a premium economy, business class ticket without being charged additional fees. 
  3. Suppose you are making your choice of changing yours to a cheaper flight. The airline does make sure the difference in the fares will be refunded to you. 
  4.  Air Canada's same-day flight change does not apply to the basic fares. 
  5. As per air Canada's same-day flight change policy, passengers must travel between the same city pairs
  6. Air Canada's Premium economy class business class fare includes a free same-day flight change. 
  7. It completely depends upon which class you have made your reservation through and does get services you wish to get from its customers. 

How much it costs to change a flight with Air Canada

The ways mentioned above will act as the guidelines about How much it costs to change a flight with Air Canada and get its services within a given period. You are supposed to pay a specific amount while changing with air Canada. 

How to Change Air Canada Flights

  1. Firstly, do visit the official site of Air Canada. 
  2. Under the given option, choose a one that says manage my booking option. 
  3. Do put across the information wherein you do need to put across the information such as the passenger's last name and booking reference number. 
  4. By simply putting across the required information, you can easily make necessary changes to your existing reservation. 
  5. Passengers can change the destination or date. The airline's policy should be considered while changing your existing reservation. 
  6. The airline official does charge you the amount as per the guidelines of the air Canada officials and does get the most appreciated services from them. 
  7. Once the changes are confirmed, you can easily receive a mail or text message on your mobile phone. 
  8. It depends on which basic economy seat you have transferred or does get its solutions within a given period. 

The ways mentioned above will act as the ways through which you will easily come to know about the fact that I can change my air Canada flight without fees and does get its services within a given period, which does make sure you can make necessary amendments into your current reservation and does get the most appreciate services from the air Canada as it does believe in providing the world-class services to all their customers which you do need from them and does get the services within a given point of time. 

You will easily come to know about how can I change my air Canada flight without a fee and does get its most appropriate services from them within a given range of time and you can make a necessary change within a given period of time.  

Can I change my flight date with Air Canada?

Yes! Air Canada allows you to change the flight date if it's impossible to meet the original one. There are several ways to change the flight date; online, by calling customer service, or at the airport. However, the online process is the quickest and most convenient to make any changes.

Follow the procedure below to change the Air Canada flight date online

  • Head to the official site of Singapore Airlines first, which is
  • There you have to locate the manage booking section under your booking.
  • Retrieve your booking using the booking reference number/e-ticket number and last name and first name of family
  • Select the booking you need to change and click on the edit reservation button.
  • Select the new date from available options and proceed further
  • Follow the instruction and pay the change fee if applicable
  • Now, after you complete the change process, you will get a confirmation email from the airline 

You can follow the above procedure for the tickets reserved from the airline directly. Moreover, contact the agency directly to change the date for third-party booking.

Using the information above, you must be clear about the query: can I change my flight date with Air Canada? However, if you face any issues or need further information, you can speak to the Air Canada representative anytime.