How many carry on bags allowed on Swissair?

You have recently booked a Flight with Swissair, not sure about baggage requirements or  How many carry on bags are allowed on Swissair? and surfing the internet looking for the baggage policy of Swissair. Don't worry, and you are on the right page. Everything you need to know about the Swiss Air baggage is written below, go through it and enjoy your trip without any trouble.

Swissair baggage policy:

The baggage policy of Swissair is written in clear and simple words for your understanding. Continue reading to get an idea about baggage policy and travel tension free.

Carry on bags:

If you are wondering  How many carry on bags allowed on Swissair? Read the following:

  • A carry-on bag is a bag which you are permitted to take into the cabin with you.
  • The bag can be anything, such as a backpack or a mini suitcase, or any suitable bag which can be kept beneath the seats.
  • The dimensions of the bags should not be more than 40x30x20 cm.
  • Hand luggage is allowed as per the destinations. It may also be different depending on the purchase of your tickets. 
  • It also differs for the economy, business, and first class.

Checked Bags:

The baggage allowance always depends on the type of your ticket, whether it's an international flight or a domestic flight.


  • Economy class: in economy tickets, you are allowed to take 1 checked in bag, and it should not exceed more than 23 kg.
  • Business class: in business tickets, you can carry two bags, and the weight of the bag should exceed more than 64 kg combined.
  • First class : in first class, you can take up to 3 bags, and the weight of the bags should not exceed over 96 kg combined. 


  •  Light : you are not allowed to take a piece of baggage without the baggage fee.
  • Classic and flex : you can take one bag with a maximum weight of 23 kg. You can take one more bag with you if you are a frequent flyer.
  • Business : you can carry two bags with a total weight of 64 kg; for frequent flyers, you can add one more bag. 

How to add extra baggage to Swiss Air:

  • If your baggage weight or the dimension exceeds the dimensions, you need to pay an extra baggage fee.
  • You can book a piece of additional baggage when you are booking the flight tickets. The charge may differ according to the class and type of your tickets.
  • If you have already booked your flight and you want to add extra baggage, you can add it at the check in.


Swiss Air's baggage policy is written entirely and clearly in the above paragraphs. Make sure to visit the official page of Swiss Air to learn more about the baggage policy. If you have any doubts regarding the reservation or if you have to change your seats, you can contact Swiss air customer service and get a solution to all the issues you are facing with Swiss air.