How long does it take for Turkish Airlines to refund a ticket?

Once the people complete their cancellation step, questions arise like How long does it take for Turkish Airlines to refund a ticket? If you have the same question, there is no need to worry; check here for the answer. The time is 7 to 10 working days, and for a credit card, it might take 20 business hours. If I still have an issue, then contact customer service.

Turkish airlines refund policy

Turkish Airlines refund policy is as follows:-

  • Get a full cost refund in two scenarios if you have canceled the flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase or if the flight gets canceled by the Airline.
  • After the expiry of the grace period, you can avail of the refund once the cancellation fee is charged.
  • By submitting a refund form, you can also get a refund for the same.
  • Turkish Airlines have the exception of a refund policy when you book through the travel agent. 
  • You might not get any refund if the cancellation was made within a 24-hour flight departure.
  • The amount you get in a refund will depend upon the type of fare.

How much is the cancellation fee for Turkish Airlines?

The cancellation charge of Turkish Airlines starts from 100 USD approx, and it will depend upon the type of fare you have purchased. But for clarity, you can speak with Turkish Airlines customer service because the amount may get reduced and expanded at your cancellation.

How can I get in touch with Turkish Airlines?

Need help regarding any of the issues mentioned in this article or ask anything beyond this article, then get in touch with Turkish Airlines Customer Service. To get the option to contact Turkish Airlines is mentioned here:-

By call

Dial the number and tell the issue you have been facing and have the solution. To acquire the number, follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Search for the Turkish Airlines official page or open the mobile application on your web browser.
  • Look at the bottom dashboard of the page where you have various types of dropdowns; select the Turkish Airlines dropdown.
  • In Turkish Airlines, you have the contact us column in that you have the get in touch option. Click on that option.
  •  On the contact us page, you have our call center option; you have to choose your country/region.
  • As you have selected the county/region, the number will appear below that.
  • Now dial the number and get the customer service on the other end.
  • If you are hearing imparted like the issue, you can also call directly through the video call feature. And to get them, you have to click the here option on the middle page.

By online chat

Similarly, you can have your resolution at once by live chat. And I get the live chat option following the step mentioned in the above point, and when you reach the get in touch page, then at the bottom, you have the online chat option. Click on that chat icon, mention your issue there, and get the resolution there.

Feedback form

Write the customer service via the feedback form and also get connected with the customer service of Turkish Airlines. Follow the steps mentioned in the call and get to the contact page. When you get to the contact page, you have a feedback/claim option at the right middle of the page. And below that, you have a feedback form option. Select that, and then you have a written feedback option selected. Then mention your issue and submit it.

Social media

Use social media to message the Turkish Airlines official account and get the account name, visit the get in touch page and steps to get their mention at the call option. As you reach there, you have a social media option, and in that, you see Facebook and Twitter. Or you can use and

Hence, the commonly asked question had been covered in this article, such as How long does it take for Turkish Airlines to refund a ticket or to get in touch with Turkish Airlines customer service or refund period mostly had been covered in this article and for any issue contact customer service and ways also mentioned above.