How do I select my seat on Vistara after booking?

If you have already booked with Vistara and need to select your seat, the airline provides several convenient options. In this article, we will answer the query; How do I select my seat on Vistara after booking? Check it out to stay upgraded and updated. 

Steps to select seats on Vistara after booking

  • Open your web browser and visit the official Vistara website (

  • Click on the "Manage Booking" section and enter the PNR number and the passenger's last name.

  • Once you have successfully retrieved your booking, you can view your reservation details, including your flight itinerary.

  • Look for the seat selection option in the booking details and click on your chosen seat(s). 

  • After selecting your desired seat(s), review and ensure it meets your preferences.

  • Some seats may have an additional charge, depending on factors such as the type of seat (e.g., extra legroom seats) or the fare class of your ticket.

  • Clear the payment and follow the prompts to complete the seat selection process.

  • Once you have completed the seat selection process, you will soon receive an email with updated booking details.

Alternate ways to select seats with Vistara Airlines 

Contact Vistara Customer Service: For personalized assistance with seat selection, contact Vistara's customer service at +44 (0)20 7644 6122. Get in touch with them via phone and provide the necessary booking details. Let the customer service representative know you would like assistance selecting your seat. They will guide you through the seat selection process, presenting options and helping you choose the seat that best suits your needs.

Airport Check-in: If you prefer to select your seat in person, you can do so during the airport check-in. Approach the Vistara check-in counter and inform the agent that you want to choose your seat. The check-in agent will present you with the available seat options and assist you in selecting your preferred seat based on your preferences and availability.

Conclusion: By reading the information above, hopefully, you get an answer to the query, 'How do I select my seat on Vistara after booking?' If you still have any doubts or if more details are required, you can also log in to your Vistara account and access personalized support.