How do I select my seat on Vistara after booking?

Vistara takes care of your comfort and happiness and always provides you with the best services and flexible policies. When you talk about comfort, the most important aspect that comes to mind is choosing your preferred seat. However, Vistara provides you an option in case you miss choosing a seat during booking. If you are wondering, how do I select my seat on Vistara after booking? It's a very simple and easy process. You will get to know all about it in the write-up below.

How to select a seat on Vistara after booking? 

Whether you want to sit with your family or friend or get the best view, you can choose your preferred seat with Vistar select. You can select the seat from the seats available at the time of web check-in by visiting the official site of Vistara. It is a very simple method, but if you don't know, follow the steps below to select your seat with Vistara.

Follow the procedure below to reserve your seat on Vistara after booking 

  • Go to the official website of Vistara using any web browser
  • There locate Plan travel on top, go to the deals and offers a link, and then click on extra 
  • Now you get various categories and options; go to the Vistara and select  
  • There you have to enter the booking reference and last name, click on book now
  • You can access your booking details by doing this now; click on the select seat option
  • You can check the available seats on the seat map on the screen and select the desired one
  • Now on the payment page, you need to pay for the seats and confirm 
  • Follow the instruction on the screen, and you can successfully get your seats after booking

You can select your seat with Vistara online anytime through the instructions above. However, if you still doubt, how do I select my seat on Vistara after booking? The other option is to speak to the Vistara representative and provide the details. Ask them if you wish to select a seat before flying, and a Vistara representative will make the selection on your behalf and provide you with information.

How do I find my seat number on a Vistara flight?

Once you have reserved a seat with the airline, below are the methods to find your seat number on a Vistara flight. Following the procedure below, you can check the status of your flight and get all the information, including the number of seats booked, name of passengers, class of travel, etc. So let's proceed further, check out the steps below to get your seat number.

Step-by-step information to find your seat number 

  • Go to the official site of Vistara Airlines' first
  • Then go to the manage booking option and click on it
  • Provide your booking reference number and then your last name on the ticket
  • Click on the submit button to retrieve your booking
  • You can select the booking for which you want to know the seat number
  • Now click on view, and the system displays your ticket information
  • There you can check out the seat number reserved and other required details

Besides, once your seat is confirmed, you get an email from the airline, including the seat number you selected. You can check that confirmation email or the text message that the airline sends you.You can also contact the Vistara representative at the airport to get the seat number details.

Conclusion:- Reading the information above, you can easily select your seat with Vistara after booking. However if you further need any information regarding How do I select my seat on Vistara after booking? Contact the Vistara representative directly.

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