How do I select my seat on Kuwait Airways?

Kuwait Airways is one of the best airlines known for the best services and comfortable journeys. The airline provides a straightforward and hassle-free seat selection policy that allows you to choose the desired seat even after booking. In case you don't know, how do I select my seat on Kuwait Airways? You can choose the seat by visiting the official site online and calling the Kuwait Airways representative. Moreover, if you still have any doubts, here is the complete guide for reference.

How to select a seat on Kuwait Airways?

If you are booking with Kuwait Airways and wish to select the desired seat, check out the simple steps below.

Select the seat online 

  • First and foremost, go to the official website of Kuwait Airways 
  • On the homepage, you need to find out the manage booking section at the top
  • Go to the online check-in option on the top menu, and you will jump to the new page
  • Enter the booking details, departure, booking reference, and last name to retrieve your booking details 
  • Click on the check-in button and follow the on-screen instruction
  • By using the seat-selection options, you can then choose the desired seat from the seat map
  • Follow the instructions, and you can complete the seat selection process 

Seat selection by phone 

  • In addition to the procedure above, you can also select your seat over the phone, so dial the Kuwait airways reservation number first
  • You can choose language and follow IVR to speak to the Kuwait Airways agent 
  • Once connected, request the agent that you wish to make a seat selection 
  • Provide booking details, and you can share your choice 
  • The Kuwait Airways representative will check the availability and select the seat on your behalf at the same time 
  • You might also need to pay the seat selection charges if applicable

So you can select your seat with Kuwait Airways anytime by following the information above. Now let's proceed with the Kuwait airways seat selection policy to avoid hassle and penalty.

Kuwait Airways Seat Selection Policy 

  • Kuwait Airways allow you to select the seat 6 hours before the departure 
  • You can choose the seat by visiting the manage booking section online and also by calling the Kuwait Airways representative 
  • The economy seats are now chargeable and need to pay for per passenger 
  • If you charge for a particular seat, you cannot transfer it to any other passengers, and the seats are also subject to availability.
  • If you select a seat within 24 hours before the scheduled departure time, the airline allows you to make a seat selection free of cost.
  • For OASIS Gold or Silver members, you don't need to pay any seat selection charges.

By reading the information above, you must be clear about; how do I select my seat on Kuwait Airways. Moreover, if you still need any additional information or have any doubts, you can speak to the Kuwait airways customer support team anytime. You can also visit the official website to get further details about seat selection with Kuwait Airways.