How do I reschedule my Allegiant flight?

There are times when one would need to modify their travel plans, and if in such scenarios one already has a confirmed flight booking, then the process of changing the travel plans can get a bit more complicated.

Airlines reservations are undoubtedly the costliest way to travel. Keeping this in mind, companies like Allegiant Air have allowed many spaces and opportunities for their travelers to try and change their flight reservations if needed. But How do I reschedule my Allegiant flight? The next sections discuss the Allegiant Air flight changes and such related options.

How do I reschedule my Allegiant flight? 

A person with a confirmed Allegiant Air reservation can reschedule the flight several ways. The upcoming points are some of the measures through which one can change their flight:

  • A flight can be rescheduled by contacting the original vendor from the one who booked the flight.
  • Flights cannot be rescheduled within one week from the flight departure unless one is enrolled in special programs which allow one to change Allegiant Air flights.
  • Those who bought the ticket directly from Allegiant Air or one of its direct associates can contact Allegiant to change their flight.
  • One can use the Allegiant Air website or the ALlegiant mobile application to get their flights rescheduled.

Via official website:

  • Using a recently updated web browser of yours, get on the official Allegiant Air homepage.
  • Click on the “Manage Trip” option towards the top-right of the page.
  • Enter the booking reservation details or use your account details to log in and fetch the flight-itinerary page of the cited reservation.
  • Next, look for the “Change flight” option and click on it. 
  • Choose the new flight according to the required date and time and confirm the flight change by paying the charges.
  • An email from Allegiant air will confirm the successful changes for the flight.

Via mobile application:

One can open the Allegiant AIr mobile application on their mobile devices or download it from the application store. The Allegiant Air Mobile application will have a “View/Change flight” option which will allow one to make the relevant changes to the flight, which will be sufficient to let you answer, “How do I reschedule my Allegiant flight.” One can search for a new flight using the specific date or time and make the required payments to confirm the changes.

How Much does it cost Change my Flight on Allegiant Air Cost? 

  • The average cost of changing an Allegiant Air flight depends on the flight route, fare type, and destination.
  • One may have to shell out up to USD 75 per seat for changing a flight reservation.
  • No costs will be applied if one changes the flight reservation within 24 hours from the booking.
  • One can opt for special plans like Trip flex which allows an individual to change a reservation even within seven days from the flight departure and with no flight change charges.

How do I talk to a real person at Allegiant?

Allegiant Air has provided multiple options for contacting it. One may call Allegiant Air, write to them via a physical letter or email, and even use the live chat service to talk to a real person at Allegiant Air executive. The contact details of all these options are provided on the Allegiant Air website. 

Access the Allegiant help page:

  • Open the Allegiant homepage once more and get to the bottom of this page.
  • Click on “Contact Us” under the “Company” menu, and the browser will open the Allegiant Air help webpage.
  • This page will have the email address, the physical postal address, the live chat option, and the voice support link.
  • Click on any of these links to open the relevant customer service platform details.

One can call the Allegiant Air voice support number to reach out to a live agent who can provide effective resolutions to any of their concerns that are related to Allegiant Air reservations.