How do I get my e-ticket from Delta?

Delta has made your way easier by introducing the E-ticket, as now you do not have to carry a printed ticket with you can just show the ticket on your phone. And because of that, you are searching for a solution to How do I get my e-ticket from Delta? So, for that, there is a simple process. When you book your flight successfully, the Airline will send a link to you on your Gmail id. You can open your mail, find the Delta mail, and click on the link. On the next webpage, you will be able to see your E-ticket. You can download it from there. 

Through Delta Airline App

Delta mobile app can be used to get your E-ticket, and for that, you have to open the Play Store and download their app. Now open it and fill up your signing up id and password. Now go to the profile section and find the review trip button and then tap on it. Now can see all your upcoming trips and select the one of which you want an E-ticket and then download it from there. 

How to book a flight ticket on Delta Airlines?

If you wish to book a flight with Delta Airlines, then you have to know about the correct procedure so that it is easy for you to book a flight, and the process of that is provided below. 

  • Open the official webpage of Delta Airlines.
  • Navigate towards the login button and enter your Email id and password. 
  • on the very first page, there is an option for 'Book.' Select that button. 
  • And enter your travel itineraries that include your departure and arrival Airport. 
  • Mention your date of departure and arrival, number of passengers, type of ticket as well as the type of your class. 
  • Moving forward, you can see all the tickets offered by Delta Airlines as per our itinerary. 
  • You can choose the one that matches your time of preference as well as your budget. 
  • Now complete the rest of the formalities that include all the passenger's details along with the related document. 
  • And then, process the payment process and pay the amount of the ticket through your preferred source. 
  • Last, you will get the information from the Airline that you have successfully, and please depart for the Airport at these times. 

How do I find my Delta E Ticket number?

For some reason, if you desire to find your ticket number, then you can do some simple steps that are mentioned below, and it will help you to find your ticket number. 

  • Navigate to the official page of Delta Airlines. 
  • And immediately logged yourself in by entering your id and your password. 
  • Afterward, you will see a profile button at the side of the screen.
  • Select that and tap on the review of upcoming trips. 
  • The webpage will take you to all your trips, and select the one whose you want to know the confirmation number. 
  • You will see ticket information; note down the confirmation from that. 

So, I hope now you don't have any confusion as to How to get my e-ticket from Delta. As we have mentioned, the proper answer to that and all the related questions.