How do I add a reservation to my United flight?

United Airlines is a prominent airline from the United States of America. They are offering their flights to various routes around the globe. Suppose you have to travel to a specific destination and you are finding, How do I add a reservation to my United flight for your journey? Travelers can read this article to know everything about making a reservation with United Airlines. 

What is the process for booking a United flight?

The passengers who have a travel plan nearby and want to book a United flight for their top-class services. The Airline is suggesting you book early to save yourself from last-minute hassle. One may not get a ticket at the last moment or pay a higher price. Now, you may be interested in knowing How do I add a reservation to my United flight, then follow the process below:

  • Visit the official site of United Airlines.

  • Click on “Book” on the page.

  • Enter the destination from and to and select the number of tickets.

  • Choose your cabin class, the trip type, and the journey date.

  • After this, click on the flight search.

  • Select the available flight option, and proceed with the on-screen instructions to make a reservation. 

  • Next, you will get the payment options. Select the best payment method as your choice, and use a credit if you have a card for an extra discount.

  • United Airlines will book your seat after receiving the payment and share the booking details through your registered email id.

How do I add a traveler to my United reservation?

Most Airlines offer their passengers to add a companion to their ticket by paying more on their booking. In this way, they manage to travel with someone on the same ticket. This saves their money and effort in making reservations separately. Now, you may think, How do I add a reservation to my United flight with a companion? Unfortunately, United Airlines does not offer this service. If you want to travel with someone using a United flight, you will have to book two tickets.    

How do I make a reservation through a phone call?

Sometimes, you may face server issues, so you may struggle to make a reservation online. Thus, United offers more than one option for booking to tackle this problem. The passengers can contact the airline’s officials and ask them to make a booking. There are two ways to get their officials. You can visit the nearest airport and locate the United ticket counter. The other way is to make the call. To get a person on call, follow the process below:

  • Visit the official site of United Airlines.

  • Navigate the contact us.

  • Tap on the call logo and get various numbers for different purposes.

  • Pick the reservation number 1 800 864-8331 from here.

  • Dial the number and join the ticket sales officer of United Airlines.

  • Provide the details for the booking, and the airline will share the payment link with you through your registered email id.

  • Click on the link to pay, and you are now ready to fly with the airline.