How can I change my Delta flight?

Travelers travel all around the world to different destinations during their vacations. Maximum travelers from the United States prefer Delta airlines for booking their flight tickets. Delta airlines are one of the major airlines of the United States and the legacy carrier for its passengers. The oldest airline covers and flies to 325 destinations in 52 countries. Many passengers need to clear their doubts related to how can I change my delta flight. Suppose there are some situations when passengers cannot board their flight or there is any misprint of name on the flight ticket. Some of the points which will help passengers to change their flight tickets are as follows:

Policies to change the flight tickets:

Many passengers want to change their flight tickets and have questions about whether how can i change my delta flight online, or they may have queries on whether I can i change my delta flight for free. Here are some of the policies that travelers need to follow before changing their flight tickets:

  • If passengers want to change their flight tickets, they need to do it 24 hours before the scheduled timing of the flight.
  • Many passengers want to change their flight tickets using someone else’s name, which is not allowed by the airline. 
  • Only three characters of name on the tickets are permitted to change. Passengers can change only refundable flights. 
  • If passengers want to change their flight tickets for free of cost, they need to change them before 24 hours of scheduled flight tickets. 
  • There will be some flight ticket changing fees charged by the airlines when the passengers change their flight tickets within 24 hours of flight departure. Charges can vary according to the scheduling, distance, and class of booking flight tickets. 
  • Domestic flights change fees are $200 per passenger, and international flights cover many destinations and flight change fees will be between $200 to $500, depending upon your fare type & place.

Procedure to change flight tickets:

  • On the devices, go to the internet browser and log in to the official website of Delta Airlines using a good internet connection.
  • Log in with the delta account; an option will be shown to Manage My Trips on the website page. Click on the option. It will provide help to change or cancel the flight tickets.
  • Now, click on the Modify Trip button showing at the center of the screen. Following passengers need to select whether they want to change or cancel the flight tickets.
  • There will be a tab prompt to change the flight tickets, enter the details asked on date-changing or name changing.  
  • Flight name or date will get changed, and the confirmation mail will be sent to the passengers. 
  • They can also contact the travel agents or agencies from which the flight tickets were booked. They will help the passengers change the names or dates on the tickets. 

Some of the ways mentioned above can solve their problems related to questions of how can i change my delta flight. These policies and ways will help the passengers to change their flight tickets.

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