Etihad Airways Refund Policy

Etihad Airways has made sure that the customers can quickly receive the refund. That is why you only need to get through the Etihad Airways refund policy and, after that, fill-up the form of refund accordingly. After that, you'll receive the refund directly in your account in some days. You only need to make sure you have booked the flight through Etihad Airways. However, if you have booked the flight through a third party, you need to contact them to claim your refund. They'll fill-up the form for you, and then you're going to receive the refund in the form of a bank transfer directly in your account. However, while filling up the refund form, you need to ensure that you have attached the relevant documents. 

What is the refund policy of Etihad Airways? 

  • If Etihad Airways have canceled your flight, you're going to receive a complete refund of the payment you have made for the booking. 
  • You need to fill up the refund claim form within twenty-four hours. Ensure that you have filled out the form on the website of Etihad Airways. 
  • Ensure that you have attached the mandatory documents in the refund form (Photo ID and the Boarding pass).
  • To avoid the cancellation charges or the charges regarding the changes you have made. You need to make sure that you have canceled within twenty-four hours of the booking you have made. After that, the issue will be quickly resolved. 
  • You'll receive the refund in your account within twenty working days. However, if you make the payment through a credit card, you can receive the payment within five to seven days. 

How to get a refund from Etihad Airways?

To claim the refund, you need to follow the step below regarding the refund procedure of Etihad Airways. 

  • On the Etihad Airways website, choose the tab of search. 
  • In the search bar, write "Refund form." 
  • Once you have written that, then after the search is over. You would come across the direct link to the form. 
  • Fill up the form and then attach the mandatory documents according to the policy of Etihad Airways. 

That is it. Once you have attached the Boarding pass and the photo ID. Then you need to submit the form. After submitting the form, you'll get the refund in your account through bank transfer. In case you want the refund which is related to the Covid. Then you can go through the policies which are mentioned below. After that, you won't face any issues. 

Etihad Airways refund policy for covid 19:

  • Suppose your flight was canceled due to Covid. Then you would need to fill up the refund form. In that manner, you're going to get the refund directly into the account from which you made the payment. 
  • Suppose you were not allowed to board the flight because you were not carrying your Covid test documents. Then you'll not be eligible to get a refund. 

The procedure to make the cancellation or change to your Etihad Airways: 

  • Get on the Etihad Airways website. 
  • Now you need to select the option of "Manage Booking." 
  • Once you have chosen it, then enter the booking details. 
  • Then choose the option of search. 

You'll find the booking. Now you only need to open the reservation and then select the option of cancellation or the changes you want to make. Ensure that you have followed the Etihad Airways refund policy before making any changes. 

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