Egyptair Business Class

Traveling in business class is one of the best feelings. If you want to board Egyptair, look for the benefits that it provides. The Egyptair business class is best in all the terms. You can avail of the benefits after booking your flight ticket in business class.

Suppose if you booked your flight ticket in economy class, Egyptair offers you the benefit of upgrading your seat to business class. The process of Egyptair business class upgrade is straightforward. You need to perform some steps and upgrade your seat effortlessly.

Benefits of Egyptair business class

You will receive multiple benefits on booking your flight ticket at Egyptair. The Egyptair business class provides all the necessary things that a passenger needs in flight. Mentioned below are the benefits provided for you. Check them out and book your flight ticket accordingly.

  • Check-in

The passengers of the business class need not stand in a line of several people for check-in. Egyptair offers a separate entry gate for them.

  • The Egyptair business class lounge

In the Egyptair Business Class Lounge, you will get all kinds of wine, beer, spirits, soft drinks, juices, Greek pies, sandwiches, loaves of bread, salad, and a handful of other snacks. Passengers can quickly grab these items.

  • Spacious seats

The seat provided to the business class passengers of Egyptair is very wide. Passengers enjoy sitting on a seat with a lot of space. Also, the seat provided is a 2-2 seat where you will get one aisle seat along with one window seat on each side of the aisle.

  • In-flight entertainment

You will get free wifi in-flight where you can enjoy your movies or listen to your favorite songs. The wifi is free of cost such that you can avail of the benefits to the fullest.

  • Food and drink

You will get a hot towel and one fruit juice after boarding the flight. Apart from this, you can ask for your desired dish. The flight attendants will ask for your food and offer it to you in a minimum time.

Egyptair business class baggage allowance

The business class passengers benefit from carrying their baggage a bit higher than the Economy class passengers. The Egyptair business class baggage allowance is 32 kgs kilograms/ 70 lbs. The maximum dimensions per piece are 158 cm or 62 inches. In hand luggage, you can take two parts with a maximum weight of 8 kg and maximum dimensions of 118 Cm ( 55 + 40 + 23 ).

Bottom Line

Therefore, these are about the benefits of business class in Egyptair. The Egyptair business class offers maximum benefits. You can grab each advantage effortlessly. So, get up and book your ticket in business class now. 

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