Breeze Airways check-in policy and process

Breeze Airways is a new ultra-low-cost carrier based in the United States. Breeze Airways aims to offer affordable flights to various destinations around the world. The airline's check-in policy and process are designed to be simple and convenient for passengers. If you have made a reservation on Breeze Airlines, here are the key points to know about Breeze Airways check-in:

Breeze Airways check-in process

Online check-in: 

Breeze Airways offers online check-in through its website or mobile app. You can check in as early as 48 hours before your flight and up to one hour before your flight's departure time. You can use the steps below to know how to check in using the web check-in.

  • You need to go to the official page of Breeze Airways.
  • Then you need to click on the web check-in option available on the dashboard.
  • Enter the booking number and your last name.
  • Now you can also choose the seats. You may or might not have to pay for the seat selection.
  • The check-in process is over. You will get your flight pass in the form of an e-pass, and you can save it on your device.

Mobile check-in:

The mobile check-in process is the same as the online check-in process. You need to open the app, click the check-in option, and enter the booking and your last name.

Select the seats and proceed. You have checked in using the mobile check-in option.

Self check-in at the Airport:

Passengers who prefer to check in at the Airport can do so at a Breeze Airways ticket counter or self-service kiosk. Airport check-in opens two to three hours before departure and closes 40 minutes before scheduled departure for domestic flights and 50 minutes before departure for international flights.

  • Look for the kiosk machine at the Airport.
  • Then enter the Booking code.
  • Now select the seats that are available.
  • Additionally, you can also get the bag tags, click on the number of baggage and enter.
  • Now you will get your printed pass along with your boarding pass.

Counter check-in: 

Passengers who have checked bags can drop them off at a Breeze Airways ticket counter or bag drop location. During baggage check-in, you can also request preferred seats. If you need any extra add-ons, you can request the representative at the counter and add them.

Breeze Airways Check in policy

It is always a good idea to go through the check-in policy to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Here are the few points you need to keep in mind for check-in

  • The check-in opens 2 to 2.5 hours before and closes 40 minutes before the scheduled flight for the domestic Airport.
  • The check-in opens 3 hours before and closes 30 minutes before the international flights.
  • You cannot make any changes if you have your boarding pass.
  • If you would like to make a seat upgrade, you can ask the representative at the counter.


In summary, Breeze Airways offers a simple and convenient check-in process for passengers. Passengers can check in online or at the Airport, select their seats for free, and drop off their checked baggage at a ticket counter or bag drop location. The airline's boarding process is efficient and quick, and it offers a range of additional services to enhance the in-flight experience.

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