Best airlines to fly with a dog in the cabin

Several airlines are perfect for you to fly with a pet. You only need to ensure that you have read all the information below. You only need to ensure that you have read about the facilities provided by the customer service team. Below mentioned detail is going to provide information on the best airlines to fly with a dog in a cabin. Then you can board your flight, and your issue will be resolved. 

Which Airline allows dogs in cabin?

The below-mentioned list will provide you with all the answers regarding the best Airline you can come across. Knowing the policies, you must follow to use your pet is essential. 

Alaska Airlines 

Alaska Airlines is considered the best Airline to travel with a pet. It has one of the lowest fees and an excellent flexible pet policy. However, it also depends on the kind of pet you want to travel with. Alaska Airlines is also considered the best airlines to fly with a dog in cabin. 

Pet Travel in the main cabin
•    For the main cabin there is no doubt about the fact that Alaska Airlines has one of the lowest fees. It is going to charge you only $100. 
•    Two pets of the same species and similar size are allowed to travel in the same carrier. That is only going to cost $50. 
•    You have the option to travel with four pets on the flight. 

The facility before boarding the flight. 

One of the best facilities Alaska provides pet owners is that they can even take their pets to the lounge. This way, you'll be able to wait for your flight with your pet. 

American Airlines

American Airlines will charge $125 for carrying the pets in the main cabin in the region of North America. The charge is undoubtedly higher than that of Alaska Airlines. 

Pet travel in the main cabin

American Airlines will allow you to carry one kennel in which you can have your pet. However, the condition is that the kennel must fit under the seat in front of you. 

Pet travel in the Cargo

American passengers have the option to give their pets as checked baggage. That means you'll be able to adjust the baggage option with your pet. Then you'll not face any issues. 

Before your flight 

Suppose you're heading to an admiral club lounge before you board your flight. Then in that lounge, you can even carry your pet. 

Hawaiin Airlines 

Within the region of North America, Hawaiian Airlines will charge you only $125 for keeping your pet in the main cabin. That is reasonable compared to other flights. 

Pet travel condition for the Cargo. 

If your pet weighs more than the allowed weight, then you would need to make sure that your pet travels in the belly of the plane. 


If you're traveling between Hawaiian and North America, your fees will start from $225. Costs are certainly a bit higher if compared to the other airlines. 

Before your flight. 

Before you board your flight, you'll get the lounge facility. There you're allowed to take your pet. That means your pet will be right in front of you while you're waiting.

What size of dog can fly in a cabin?

The dog's size will depend entirely on the size of the kennel. The kennel size should not be more than 18" x 18" x 12". Your pet should easily fit in this size of kennel.