American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy

American Airlines has made sure that minors can travel by themselves. You only need to follow the American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy. Then, you’ll be able to make your child travel safely with the help of American Airlines. 

This service is available for children aged five to fourteen years. You only need to ensure that you have gone through the policy below.

Unaccompanied minor (UMNR) policy of American Airlines

  • The minor is going to get the facility of boarding the flight early. That will ensure that the child receives extra time to settle down and good support from the flight attendant. 
  • In the hub cities of American Airlines, there will be a facility of the Kids lounge. It will certainly provide your child a good rest at the Airport. 
  • The minors between the age of five to ten, children are going to receive some Quaker snacks. 
  • Once you have reached the Airport, you’ll see an escort on the Airport. The staff will make sure that your child got the flight safely. After that, the child will be handed over to the flight attendant. 
  • Once the flight has reached the destination. Then an escort will take the child from the flight to the gate of the Airport. Minor is going to be handed over to the adult-only after verifying the ID of the Adult. 
  • It is essential to know that inside the flight, the flight attendant will be busy with the onboard duties. It means the flight attendant will not be available with the child all the time. Your child would need to press the call button. Then the attendant will be there to provide quick help. 

Hopefully, after going through the American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, which is given above, you’ll be able to make child travel with the American Airlines. However, you also need to follow some of the conditions given below to complete the eligibility. 

Age and flight restrictions:

American Airlines is not going to allow the children to travel alone with them in case, 

  • Their trips also include flights on the other airlines. 
  • If their trips include the co-terminal connections where the child will be transferred from one Airport to the other. 
  • In case their flight also includes an overnight connecting flight. 
  • If the age of the child is less than five years. 

American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy international 

In case your child is flying outside the US. Then you will not be able to escort your child with the help of security at the Airport. In this kind of situation, a team member will be there to take your child to the gate. And there the member will stay until the flight is going to depart. 

In case your child is under eighteen years old. Then he would need to make sure that he carries a letter of consent from both the parents if he is traveling internationally. 

At what age can a child fly alone on American Airlines?

The age of the child should be between five to fourteen. Only then the child can travel alone under the unaccompanied policy. You also need to ensure that the child carries all the essential documents for verification. 

Does a 14 year old need an ID to fly American Airlines?

Yes, a fourteen-year-old child is supposed to show birth proof to American Airlines. This rule applies not only to a fourteen-year-old. But also for every individual below the age of eighteen. 

In case you want to have more information regarding the minor policy of American Airlines. Then call upon on the official number of the customer support. You can even connect with them help of email or live chat.

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