Alitalia Airlines Reservations

Have you booked your flight with Alitalia Airlines, or are you thinking of doing so? Whatever might be the case, you have made a fantastic decision. Alitalia Airlines offers a best-in-class inflight entertainment system along with its sumptuous gourmet meals and refreshments. Alitalia Airlines reservations is a simple process to understand and follow. Therefore, kindly follow the procedure mentioned below:

Process of Reservations in Alitalia Airlines

  • Go to the official Alitalia Airlines website on a web browser that supports the Internet.
  • Locate the Book tab on the top middle of the page and click on it.
  • In the dropdown, you find the details you need to fill. For instance, 
  • The departure city
  • The arrival city
  • The departure date 
  • The return date 
  • Whether the trip is one-way or a round leg of the journey, choose either of them as per your need.
  • The number of passengers travelling. Passengers can comprise adults who are twelve years and above—children aged between two years till eleven and infants who are zero to twenty-three months old.
  • The class in which you want to travel in Alitalia Airlines, whether Economy or Business.

Therefore these are the bare essentials that you have to fill concerning the Alitalia airlines reservations

Once you are done with it, a list of flight searches appears on a new page of Alitalia. 

  • There you need to select a flight which suits your time. Check whether you want an early morning or an overnight or an evening flight. 
  • Weigh your options carefully, as the fare prices differ accordingly. It is based on what time of the day/night you are booking the flight and the demand i.e. the traffic flow for that particular route, which may escalate the fare price.
  • After you have chosen your flight, you can reach out through the Alitalia airlines contact number if you have queries regarding the reservations. Then you are redirected to the seat selection page. There you can select a seat of your preference and click “continue”
  • Finally, you land on the payment page, where you are required to select a payment method.
  • Once done, you receive a PNR or ticket confirmation number, which needs to be quoted at the time of check-in. This way, your reservations are complete.

If you have any doubts regarding the same, please reach out via the Alitalia airlines reservations phone number to have a word with an expert. Also, you have an option of giving your feedback on your experience with the customer service.