Alitalia Airlines Cancellation and Refund policy

Alitalia is a flag carrier and it is the largest airline in Italy. The airline is fully owned by the government of Italy. After making a reservation a passenger might have to cancel their reservation due to unavoidable circumstances such as the death of a family member, Prolong illness,  recent accident in certain cases a passenger has to cancel their reservation and one will get the refund amount.

Alitalia Airlines cancellation Policy 

If one has purchased their tickets through the official or from the ticket office or from the customer service center one can easily access the company’s website and do purchase the ticket one does not pay for the service charge .One can easily access the company’s website and do purchase the ticket through discovering or MasterCard. 

  • When passengers have made their reservation through Alitalia US call center through Alitalia ticket booking counter, the company will allow them to withhold the mentioned fees from the Alitalia ticket booking counter the company does allow them to withhold the mentioned fees without payment for a minimum 24 hours within the week or more of flight’s departure . 
  • As per the cancellation policy of Alitalia airlines if one has made a reservation through will do provide you right to cancel their reservation without any penalty or cancellation fees from the Alitalia airlines and one will receive full refund if one has cancelled within 24 hours of purchase when the reservation is being made a week or more before the flight’s scheduled departure. 
  • When one has purchased a ticket through the Alitalia US website. We will allow you to cancel without penalty or fee and one gets a full refund if one is cancelled within 24 hours after one has purchased if the reservation is made in advance one week or more prior to the scheduled flight departure . 

Alitalia Airlines Refund Policy

Refunds of a total or partial ticket price for a flight cancelled by the passenger are permitted which is in accordance with the conditions of carriage for the ticket bought. Airport or security taxes are always refundable for all fares. 

The airline has another flexible policy for its customers. One can simply get a full refund after cancelling their flight ticket as per the refund policy of Alitalia airlines. In case one doesn't cancel their tickets one does have to pay the cancellation charges as per the Alitalia flight cancellation refund policy in order to get the remaining amount back. Generally, these amounts are from the fare and the rest of the amount will be credited within the given time period. 

How Do I get a refund from Alitalia Airlines?

Requests for refund can be submitted to any Alitalia airlines ticketing location or their respective travel agent. Refunds for the electronic tickets which may be requested by simply calling at a reservation team one can politely tell the executives about its situations and one can easily get its refund back. 

The above-mentioned ways will guide you about the Alitalia airlines cancellation policy which will guide you in a proper manner through which one can have a cancellation policy and one can follow the rules accordingly. 

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