Aeroflot Airlines Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel a reservation with Aeroflot airlines, you need to seriously consider the following information regarding the Aeroflot Airlines refund policy. These rules are in accordance with the law, and passengers must cross-check this information before proceeding with the cancellation.

Can you get a refund if you cancel your flight?

The option of a refund on cancellation is possible under the following points mentioned.

  • The option of refund is only possible for purchases made on the official website and not on bookings made through travel agencies or other third-party involvement.
  • The refund is available in any currency.
  • Tickets purchased under no refund policy are not subject to refund.
  • Refund money will be channeled back to the payment source.
  • Apart from the website purchases, exceptions are made for award tickets and tickets paid with the corporate loyalty program points.
  • The Aeroflot Airlines refund policy will only be provided on originally issued, not reissued, and completely unused tickets.
  • The airline will complete the refund process within 10 business days from the date of initiation of the request.
  • The airline will not hold responsibility for any delay caused due to the transaction system, customer account status, or the bank used by the passenger. If such circumstances are encountered, the airlines can take up to 30 business days to complete the process.

Apart from these rules, the passengers who fall under the category of senior citizen( a person who has turned 65 years old), new immigrants(people who are residing in Israel during the first five-year period after having received an immigration visa or eligibility certificate) and persons with disability( a person with disabilities in accordance with the Law for Equal Rights for Person with Disabilities) are provided with some exemptions based on the following Aeroflot Airlines refund policy; these are mentioned as follows.

  • A refund is only possible for the unused ticket for booking made through remote sales (defined in the Israeli Consumer Protection Law).
  • People falling under the above categories are entitled to cancel the translation within 4 months from the transaction date.
  • Aeroflot can ask for the verification of the status for the three categories written above before exempting people from paying the full refund fee. This can be done by asking for related documents.

How Much Is Aeroflot Refund Fee?

The refund fee charged by the airline is dependent on the designated fare air code prefix and subject to other matters like new policies, duration of flights, destination and number of passengers traveling at a time, the weight of luggage, and others services demanded by the passengers during the trip. 

For people falling under the three categories mentioned above, the cancellation charges are reduced by 5% or to NIS 100 per ticket. Apart from this refund on the carriage is also provided, which again, under the Aeroflot Airlines refund policy, is based on the fare air code prefix.

Before making the cancellations, it is advised that people contact a customer care representative and clarify their doubts. The helpline number is available and operates 24/7, and calls from local landlines and mobile numbers are free.

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