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American Airlines Orlando Office

Just in case you have booked your flight with American Airlines, and you have been informed that the flight is delayed and that is why you want to speak with the  American Airlines Orlando Office, there are separate ways that can be used to get your answers. And to learn all of them, you can read the information mentioned below. 

American Airlines Orlando Office

If the traveler has an unsolved query with the customer service agent, they can clear it out with them by sending a handwritten note. To send it, you can use the local mail, and you will get the mail revert within 14 business days. Also, it is important to have a proper address if you have to visit American Airlines from Orlando Airport. You can make a note of the address as mentioned below. 

1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827

Airport code: MCO

American Airlines Orlando phone number

If you give the agent a phone call, it will be an appropriate way to connect with the agent and get all the required answers. You can convey your message to the agent through the IVR method, and they will provide you with the appropriate answer. And to note down the note, you can read the information provided below. 

Orlando Airport phone number

(407) 825-2001

American Airlines phone number

1 (800) 433-7300

Baggage claim number of American Airlines at Orlando Airport

If you have to know about some baggage information, you can directly speak with the American Airlines agent and tell them about your baggage-related confusion. Also, you must know about the baggage policy of the Airline because last time, people faced a lot of problems regarding that. You can look out for the number provided below. 

Baggage phone number


American Airlines' social media 

By using the social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you can send your message to customer service and get an answer from them, as all social media have a chat option, which is suitable for sending queries. If you follow the Airline's social media handles, then through their posts, you will get to know about the new discount offered by them. To reach out there, click on the link below. 




What terminal is used by American Airlines at Orlando Airport? 

American Airlines used Terminal B for the departure and arrival of the flights. But there are chances that the Terminals are changed because of technical faults so, we suggest you connect with the customer service regarding that for once. 

American Airlines Orlando Airport Services

At Orlando Airport, there is commendable service which is provided by Airline for better travel. You can get access to that just by reaching the Airport. And if you would like to know about them, then read the information mentioned below. 

  • Orlando provides free wifi to their travelers. 
  • Passengers can use the Airport lounges for rest. 
  • There are duty-free shopping centers available at the Airport. 
  • You will see the ATMs all over the Airport. 
  • Get a special assistant 24 hours available at your service. 
  • Use the smoking area if you are a regular smoker. 
  • There are free phone facilities available in case your phone doesn't have a network.