Sofia Trip

It is the largest city and the capital of Bulgaria which is the hometown to many of the major local universities, commercial companies, and cultural institutions. It comes under 10 best places where you can start your own business, especially in Information technologies.


Sofia has a humid continental climate that has an average annual temperature of 10.4 degree C. Winters here are snowy and cold where the temperature sometimes drops to -15 degree C and that generally happens in January. Summers are quite sunny and warm where the city generally remains slightly cooler than any other part of Bulgaria. July and August are the hottest months where the heat waves with high temperature reach C. The season of Springs and autumn are usually short with dynamic and variable weather.

Perfect time to visit Sofia

The best time to visit Sofia is during the month of May when the temperature is warm but the prices of the hotels are affordable.

Best destinations to explore in Sofia

Vitosha Boulevard : This is the fanciest street in the city where all the fashion houses and posh boutiques are clustered. You can spend a couple of hours here and the cafes have outdoor seating that is redesigned into an elegant art that recalls the early years of Bulgarian revival.

Boris Garden : It is a grand assortment of monuments, private observatory, and plants. This place will mesmerize you with its beauty of nature. You should definitely visit if you are a nature lover.

National Palace of Culture : It is a place which makes the tourists experience some of the typical buildings. Constructed in the year 1981, it possesses 13 halls where diverse cultural exhibitions are organized- The Day of the Book, art performances, music concerts, folklore performances, and many other things are the center of attraction here.

National Theater Ivan Vazov : It is the second home of the youth during the summertime and they spend the whole of their day in front of National Theater Ivan Vazov. When the sun sets down, this becomes the busiest place as people spend their evening having a beer, chatting and gossiping. Two varieties of people can be found here- senior citizens playing chess and street musicians. The decorative lightings and the fountains in the front of the theatre boasts the cozy surroundings.


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