Buffalo Trip


It is the city in the U.S. state of New York which is the second-largest in the U.S. state and largest in the Western New York. The city has been nicknamed as The City of Light. The city is popular for its urban planning and layout and annual festivals include Taste of Buffalo and Allentown Art festival. The city also possesses a progressive music and arts scene.


A humid continental climate is experienced by the city that has the snowy winters and the sunniest and the driest summers of any major city. Summers are marked by moderate humidity and temperature and plentiful sunshine. The temperature rises above 32.2 degree C three times in the average year.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Buffalo is between the months of June and August. Although, summer is the most crowded and the high season, the tourists tend to decrease a bit in the autumn and fall but the season can be pretty chilly.

Top things to do in Buffalo

Get a glimpse of the wild at the Buffalo Zoological Gardens : It is one of the oldest zoological attractions in the country that was opened in 1975. Visitors can see everything from a grey wolf to lions, chest-thumping lowland gorillas, tamarins to Japanese macaques and also the uber-rare polar bear.

Taste your way through the Niagara Wine Trail : It is that unique location that offers a microclimate that raises the interesting grapes. It makes it home between the waters of Lake Ontario and rising hills of northern New York State.

Check off the bucket-list with a trip to Niagara Falls : The trip can be called as incomplete if you do not visit the most iconic sight of the place: The Niagara Falls. It flows across the border between Canada and the US and is among the largest in the world.


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