Lot Polish Airlines

Lot Polish Airlines

Lot Polish Airlines is a flag carrier of Poland. It is termed as the world's oldest airline in operations; currently, it flies 120 destinations. It has a frequent flyer program by Miles and more. Polish Airlines flies across Europe, Asia, and North America. 

Lot Polish Airlines offers several services to its customers about how one can make or manage the reservation of a lot of polish Airlines. 

Steps to How One Can Manage Their Reservation.

  • Firstly visit the official site of a lot of polish Airlines.
  • Where one sees an icon to manage my booking, do click in there. A lot of options will be available one quick check-in there. 

-Do check your flight details or book additional services. 

-It has a last name (in the section which provides the surname ).

- Booking reference ( Do Provide a booking reference ). 

After filling in all the details, one can easily click on the Next button, which says next icon one can quickly fill the other page, which serves all the details and register themselves.

Lot Polish Customer services 

Via Phone.

Customers can easily connect through live representatives of lot polish Airlines by getting connected to their representative. Representatives will provide you with much-needed assistance. One can easily cancel their reservation without any penalty up to 24 hours after the reservation is being made. Booking must be made prior to the date of reservation. The customer services are always there to assist its passengers. One can easily reach up to them via phone by following a few steps. Lot airlines' customer service will provide you the answers one is looking for.

  • Do visit their official website.
  • Please scroll down the cursor down there. You will find an option to contact us.
  • By simply clicking on the contact us option, one can see a page where one can talk to the customer service support team of the airlines.
  • Their official numbers are visible on the site by simply dialing them; one can easily get connected through it. 

Lot - Polish Airlines Baggage Allowance.

Each passenger is allowed to carry one bag. All Luggage must be fit within the overhead bin or under the seat right in front of you. 

Charges for the overweight baggage vary depending on the flight's route. This charge will be accessed at check-in. Every passenger is allowed to carry one checked bag as long as each bag adheres to the below requirements.

For the flight of  Lot polish airlines manage my booking 

Minimum carrying capacity would be for business and economy class.

Minimum weight to be carried - 32 kgs for business class and economy class.

Sports equipment and other bags were carried out by the passengers.

Some checked items such as surfboards, bicycles, and musical instruments will be charged a carriage fee because of their size, fragility, or other handling requirements. 

Few items not considered carry-on luggage .

  • Small handbags.
  • Coat, cloak and blankets.
  • Umbrella.
  • Cameras.
  • Baby - food.
  • A fully collapsed baby carriage. 
  • Walking Stick. 

The above-listed items will help you to get a clear picture of what one needs to carry or not.