What number is Delta Airlines at LAX Airport?

You have quite a few ways to connect with Delta Airlines. You need to ensure that you have walked through the chosen official information. Once you have selected the correct details, then you'll be easily able to connect with Delta Airlines. So, if you want to know, "What number is Delta Airlines at LAX?" Then the path ahead is going to provide the answer. 

Different ways to connect with customer service:

You can choose any of the ways below, and you'll be able to connect with customer service. You can phone the official number or live chat with customer service. You can even use the option of email. 

Via call: 

You need to phone up at (855) 463 - 5252. Once you have called on that number, you need to choose the options from the IVR menu that are directly connected to your issue. The executive is going to provide you with the solution quickly. They're open to helping you out seven days a week. You only need to make sure that you call them at your convenience. The executives will be ready to help you at any time and day of the week. 

Via live chat:

The below-mentioned details will provide the answer regarding the live chat option. You need to choose the options which are provided below. The step-by-step guide will help you connect with the customer service team through the live chat option. 

  • Launch the Delta Airlines website. 
  • Once you have launched it, you must click the "Contact us" button on the homepage. 
  • Choose the live chat option. 
  • Now you need to select the suitable options in the chat box. 
  • Your chat will be moved to a human. 

The LAX airport executive is going to make sure that you get the resolution without any delay. Once you have reached the answer, you only need to click the save option to save the chat transcript. 

Benefits of the chat:

  • You can choose the option to save the transcript of the chat to save the conversation you had with the executive. 
  • You can make the selection of the language of your choice at the beginning of the chat. 
  • You can use the chat support option at any day and time of the week. In this way, a solution regarding your query without any delay. 

After going through the details above, you must have gotten the answer to your question, "What number is Delta Airlines at LAX?" The executives will provide a permanent solution. 

What terminal is Delta at LAX arrivals? 

Delta's international flight arrival is at Terminal B at the LAX Airport. In the case of domestic flights, it is Terminal 2. Make sure that you arrive at the airport two hours before the flight's departure time. 

How can I know what terminal my Delta flight is available at?

The terminal for the Delta flight will be mentioned on the ticket you received after making the booking. You only need to ensure that you have walked through the right terminal to get your flight without any delay. 

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