How do I talk to someone on Hawaiian airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines is the best airline that provides the best customer support. Here you can get assistance with both modern and traditional methods. If anyone asks how do I talk to someone on Hawaiian Airlines, then there are different ways to contact them you can read them below. 

Hawaiian Airlines phone number 

Here you are getting quick support and in real-time. You have to visit the official website of Hawaiian airlines and choose the number from the contact us page. Now, you can go with the below-mentioned direction to talk to someone on Hawaiian Airlines

  • Dial Phone Number 1-877-426-4537 or 1-802-538-7002
  • Press 1 for the booking related issues or booking the flight 
  • Press 2 to know about the flight status and reservations 
  • Press 3 to get the information about the policies 
  • Press 5 for speak with live person at Hawaiian Airllines
  • Press 0 for the menu to be a repetition 

In this way, you can connect with the person and get the solution. It is available throughout the day and you can ask them about any query. Though sometimes you need to wait for the answer or your call may be put on hold. In those cases, you have to wait or follow the other methods.

Hawaiian airlines live chat support 

Here you need to drop the query on the message box. You can interact with the person at any moment of the day with this method. For this, you might have to share some information like name and email id and drop the query. After review, you will be connected with the person and get the best solutions. 

How long does it take to get a refund from Hawaiian Airlines?

If you are looking for a refund from Hawaiian airlines, then it will take some time. Now, this relies on the type of payment you have made during booking. If you have purchased the ticket with an online method like credit and debit, then you can get the ticket within 7 days of applying for the ticket. In case you have made with the cash, then it will take at least 15 days to 20 days to refund to the account. Now, you can see that your payment method will decide the time period of the refund. If you have purchased the ticket with rewards then there is no such refund policy. 

Does Hawaiian airlines have 24 hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Hawaiian airlines have 24 hours cancellation policy. Those who are not aware of this can read this. In these 24 hours, you are free to cancel the ticket without paying any kind of charge. But, this should be done 7 days prior to the departure, and only then you can leverage this cancellation policy. And if you violent this, then you may have to bear some additional charges for the cancellation of the ticket. 

Are drinks free on Hawaiian Airlines?

Yes passengers, can get the variety of the drink and coffee that is complimentary. You don’t have to pay for it. Even during booking, you can mention your preference, and you can leverage them. The best part is that you can get this on board as well as during the flight. The best part is that they come with unique and special drinks that will make your day and help you to enjoy traveling in a much better way. 

Know about the Hawaiian airlines baggage policy

Hawaiian Airlines are considered the best airline as they provide excellent services to their customers in flight booking. They always offer the best baggage policy and allow you to carry the maximum amount of luggage with yourself. Following are the detailed description regarding this:

Carry-on bag:

  • You are allowed to carry a carry-on bag that must fit under the seat in front of you and subject to the following conditions:
  • Their size does not exceed 114 cm in length, width and height.
  • The Carry-on bag must not exceed 11 kg.

Personal item:

You can carry one small personal bag that must fit on the seat, and it generally contains a purse, briefcase, laptop bag, small backpack, or smaller size.

Checked baggage:

  • A standard checked bag is allowed up to 22.5 kg in weight, and its dimension does not exceed 62 inches or 157 cm to travel in domestic flights.
  • To travel on international flights, you are allowed to carry a checked bag of weight 32 kg of up to 45 kg and a bag that weighs exceed 45 kg will not be accepted. 

To know more about extra baggage fees, you can visit the Hawaiian airlines official site or contact the customer care team of Hawaiian airlines. Discuss with them about the Hawaiian airlines baggage policy and make your travel accordingly.

Know About Hawaiian Airlines Business Class

Do you want to travel in Hawaiian Airlines business class, but before booking your flight ticket, do you want to get the in-depth information of the facility provided in business class? Well, if this is your concern, then here are some of the advantages that you will get after booking your flight ticket. Check them out.

  • Easy booking

The essential thing that every passenger need is an easy booking of the flight ticket. Hawaiian Airlines offers passengers to book their flight tickets with ease through any booking mode.

  • Comfortable cabins

The business class cabins of Hawaiian Airlines are in a 2-2-2 formation. All the seats have aisle access where the seats are comfortable and extra space to relax the legs.

  • Amenities

You will get some stuff after boarding the Hawaiian Airlines flight. Here are the pieces of stuff that you should check out.

  1. A comforter blanket
  2. A full-size pillow
  3. Slippers
  4. Amenity kit
  5. A small back/lumbar pillow
  6. Mattress pad
  • Entertainment facilities

You will get unlimited entertainment facilities on-board. Connect with the free Wi-Fi, charge your devices and watch movies and television shows.

Bottom Line

There are a lot more benefits that you will get on board. The Hawaiian Airlines business class will provide you with loads of added benefits. So, get your ticket done and enjoy the benefits.  

What are the refund guidelines for Hawaiian Airlines booking?

Have you cancelled your reservation with Hawaiian Airlines and are planning to claim a refund from the airlines? Then, it becomes important that travelers have complete information about the refund guidelines. So, to help travelers avoid errors, here are the refund guidelines that one can follow to process a quick refund.

Refund guidelines of Hawaiian Airlines 

  • The travelers with eligible Hawaiian Airlines bookings can request a refund for the partial and unused portion of the flight ticket. 
  • The refund amount for the Hawaiian Airlines booking is equal to the unused portion of the flight ticket. 
  • The refund request should get submitted within one year from the issue date. After this period, the traveler is not offered a refund. 

So, these are the few guidelines of the Hawaiian airlines refund policy that travelers must abide by before requesting a refund. 

However, the traveler who has queries regarding the refund policy or needs information on how do I talk to someone on Hawaiian Airlines can visit the airline website and seek all the needed information to book and manage Hawaiian reservations. 

Hopefully, the provided information will help travelers process a quick refund for their Hawaiian Airlines bookings and manage their refunds in time. 

Phone Number 1-800-367-5320

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can my carry-on weight Hawaiian Airlines?

Often, passengers don't know about the weight they can carry while traveling with Hawaiian Airlines. It is because Hawaiian airlines make changes in its policies from time to time. If you want to know the complete information, you need to read below. 

  • If the baggage is over 50 lbs (23 kg) and its height, width, and length are over 62 inches (157 cm), you need to pay additional. 
  • If you are going to any neighbor island and the baggage weight is between 51 to 70 lbs, then you need to pay $35, and weight is over 71lbs to 100 lbs, then you need to pay $70 
  • If you are going to North America and the baggage is between 51 to 70 lbs, you need to pay 50$, and if more than 70 lbs, then the amount is 200 $.
  • If you booked your flight through any official representative of Hawaiian Airlines, then you need to contact them. 

How can I cancel my flight without cancellation fee?                                                               

  • If you booked the flight with the official website of Hawaiian airlines and cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, you do not need to pay any charges for canceling the flight. 
  • In case of any medical emergency with passengers, they need to show the medical certificate to Hawaiian Airlines' officials. After this, you can cancel the flight without paying any additional cost. 
  • If the flight is booked through any Hawaiian Airlines representative, the passenger must contact them to cancel the flight without paying the fee.

How much money will be refunded if I cancel my flight ticket?

  • If the flight is canceled within 24 hours of booking, you will be able to get a complete refund. 
  • After the confirmed reservation, Hawaiian cancels your flight; you are eligible to get a complete refund. 
  • In any death occurs in a passenger's family after the flight reservation, they can get a complete refund, but the passenger needs to show some documents.
  • If the flight is booked through a voucher or any other offer and then passengers cancel the flight, they can redeem the voucher next time while traveling. They will not get any amount in the refund. 
  • If the flight is booked through any official Hawaiian Airlines representative, the passenger needs to contact them to get a refund. 

With the help of the statements mentioned above, passengers can solve their many queries. Still, suppose passengers have any queries left. In that case, they will need to contact the official Hawaiian Airlines representative, and they will provide them with the best possible solution to the query. 

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How do I check my flight booking?

You can check your flight booking online or offline if you are wondering that the online method is very complex to approach. You may be a little correct because the below-mentioned steps will take you to the flight check page, where you can select the suitable flight option to fly with your loved ones. Before boarding the flight, you can check your flight status to clear yourself.

Hawaiian flight check procedure 

The procedure is very easy and basic. You need to follow the below-written steps. You can apply this process without hesitation and don't need expert guidance during the procedure.

  • Visit the official site of Hawaiian airlines.
  • Then move your pointer to the manage flights tab, and click on it.
  • The tab will show you different options such as my receipt, check-in, and trips; you need to click on my trips option.
  •  The option will show you the page where you can enter your last name and a ticket number.
  • After that, you will get the list of flights you have booked.

Now you are all set to go through the list, and if you have any issues, you can modify, cancel, or change the flight details according to your convenience.

How can I change my flight without paying extra on Hawaiian?

You can change the flight without paying extra on Hawaiian by following the policies made under the supervision of senior authorities.

  • If you make changes in your flight after the 24 hours of booking, then, in that case, you need to give some flight change charges; after that, you will get your remaining amount as a refund.
  • If you have made changes within 24 hours of booking, then the airline will not take any charge of your flight changes.

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