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How do I talk to someone at Vistara Airlines?

Vistara Airlines is one of the most preferred Indian Airlines for domestic and international travel. Vistara Airlines has 24/7 customer service in different countries where the Airline operates. The customer service of Vistara Airlines diligently performs the duties of assisting the customers with the best possible services. If you are traveling abroad from India, you can book tickets on Vistara Airlines and get fantastic deals on the reservations and holiday packages of Vistara.

Therefore to get further information for booking tickets and various post-booking queries, How do I talk to someone at Vistara Airlines and get the benefit of various deals and discounts offered by Vistara Airlines.

Ways to contact Vistara Airlines:

By Phone: To reach the customer service of Vistara, you can call on the specified number of customer service and gather knowledge on issues for pre booking issues. Calling can also help after the tickets are booked, and you have queries and other concerns. To get in touch with Vistara customer service:

  • Call +91 928922888 
  • Listen to the IVR carefully,
  • First, confirm your preferred language and then go ahead with the IVR directions.
  • Then press the mentioned numbers according to the query, and if you wish for personal discussion for multiple queries,
  •  speak to a customer service representative of Vistara.
  • Have a detailed conversation and resolve the issues.

By social media: These days, people use social media platform in their regular lives and procures all needed information from the internet. So when passengers need quick attention from the customer service of Vistara, social media pages prove to be helpful. Visit the following pages:

  • facebook.com/AirVistara
  • Twitter.com/AirVistara
  • Instagram.com/AirVistara
  • youtube.com/AirVistara

The modes described above will connect with customer service, and you can directly speak to a Vistara representative on your issues and doubts. However, for more comprehensible ways of How do I talk to someone at Vistara Airlines, try the following methods:

By email: Suppose you have canceled your tickets and the refund is due; you can send an email to Vistara Airlines regarding the refund status and other related queries at custrelations@airvistara.com .after receiving the email, Vistara customer service will revert to you shortly with detailed information in reference to your email. Although email is a time taking process and no instant assistance is possible, it is a good way to receive confirmations and other travel related documents from the Airline.

By contact form: If you have already traveled and want to know how to register a complaint or claim compensation for a missing suitcase, a form is available on the Vistara website to write and ask the desired queries. To get to the contact/feedback form, do as given below:

  • Reach airvistara.com
  • Click on the “contact us tab on the homepage
  • Select the contact form option
  • Select the topic for the form
  • Enter the necessary details 
  • Enter the message
  • Submit the form.

After receiving the form, Vistara airlines customer service will evaluate and send a response with information on the queries and confirmation on the special assistance request.

Join club Vistara: If you want to connect with Vistara airlines more effectively, become a member of Club Vistara and thereby get online chat and other quick modes to reach customer service. As a member, you will also receive priority during bookings and check-ins. 

Download the Vistara app: if you get the Vistara airlines app on your mobile phone and log in to the account with your email id and password, you will get the latest updates on your scheduled flights and other news from Vistara. The app is also beneficial for making immediate ticket modifications like rescheduling or cancellations.

To conclude, to get a complete idea of the ways of how do i talk to someone at Vistara Airlines, please go through the ways mentioned above for both written communication and speaking directly to a Vistara representative.

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