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How do I get in touch with SAS?

To provide better services to the passengers of SAS Airlines, SAS Air designed ways to connect with them. In addition, these methods will help you in resolving the issues that you will see further below. However, the airline designs SAS customer service to assist you in all situations you may face while carrying the services from SAS Airlines. So, in this article, you will learn about how do I get in touch with SAS in detail. You have to follow the steps and methods given in this article.

There are many ways by which you can easily talk with SAS Airlines are:

  • Phone call 
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Social media

Services offered by SAS Airlines to address these problems include:

The SAS Airlines customer service person can resolve some problems. For this, you have to easily track down what type of issues they can solve. So, that is:

  • Flight disruptions
  • Cancellation & Refund
  • Change or reschedule your ticket
  • Lost & found
  • Payback guarantee
  • SAS flight reservation 

Follow the steps to help you get the best SAS Airlines services.

A passenger can easily take the best services from SAS Airlines. For this, you must pursue the steps below to get a solution for your query. 

A phone call: 

It is the option of getting the solution from SAS airlines quickly on call. Also, you will ask what you want the human at SAS. Therefore, here are the steps by which you can easily talk with the airlines. For this,

  1. You must navigate SAS Airlines on your device
  2. Select your country
  3. Then, scroll down to the “contact us” under the “customer service option.”
  4. There you will find various options. Tap on the phone calling option 
  5. Pick the SAS Airlines customer service phone number +1 8002212350 and +1 2018963600
  6. Dial the phone number and wait to connect the call with SAS Airlines 
  7. Due to it will take a few seconds to converted into IVR call, hear all the options carefully

Press 1 to change the language.

Press 2 to book the SAS flight

Click 3 to cancel the airline's ticket

Press 4 to get back refund for the canceled flight

Press 5 to upgrade the SAS flight ticket

Click 8 for speaking with the SAS Airlines

  1. So, a passenger needs to click button 8 to speak with SAS Customer service 

Hence, you will get the answer to your question regarding how I get in touch with SAS. Therefore, it is a must to take this service to get an instant reply.


On the contact page of the SAS Airlines, you will locate the option of emailing the airline. For this, a passenger must, 

open the SAS Air>>> look for the customer service or contact us page>>> selecting the email option>>> and, click on the email link and send your query by writing on the mail and request for a call back from SAS Airlines. And send the mail to SAS Airlines. 

After getting the mail, the airline will respond to your mail and deliver the best solution to you.

Live chat:

For this, you must go on the SAS Airlines live chat option. For this, you have to start the chat with the SAS person by sending “need help” the airline will share some options, pawl on that option that will locate your query, and the airline will solve your issues in seconds.

Social media:

You must go on the social media option, and by clicking on the below option, you will quickly send a message to the SAS Airlines person and get back the best solution from SAS Airlines.

Hence, follow the methods of how do I get in touch with SAS and get the best service from SAS Airlines. And while getting assistance from the Customer service person you face misbehaving from them, file a complaint to SAS Airlines via filling out the SAS complaint form. So, by filling out the form, you will get the application of apologies from SAS Airlines customer service. For more, you can also visit the SAS page on your device. 

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