What are the rules for Baggage when flying?

The Airline allows one Luggage Bag or carry-on bags like a purse, briefcase, laptop bag, or small suitcase. Usually, Airlines allow 35 pounds for carry-on bags, but different airlines have different rules for Baggage. Passengers can check particular Airline websites for What are the rules for Baggage when flying? Terms and Conditions Page. Some Airlines charge for small backpacks and checked Luggage, and the price depends on your chosen route. Here are a few airlines' rules of Baggage when flying; you can go through them before you pack whether you are traveling with American Airlines, Frontier, Delta Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.

Read Below different Airlines baggage Policies

American Airlines:

Passengers who are traveling with American Airlines can check here the rules for Baggage when flying for proper guidance:

  • American Airlines allows one to carry small personal bags, laptop bags, or small suitcases that fit in overhead Bins.
  • The checked luggage suitcase must be at most 22 inches length, 14 inches wide, and 9 inches high.
  • Airlines do not have weight restrictions for personal items.
  • For more information regarding Baggage Allowance, passengers can visit the official website of American Airlines or call the customer service number.

Delta Airlines:

Passengers, who have reservations with Delta Airlines can check What are the rules for Baggage when flying? Of Delta Airlines for their Passengers. Some of the conditions are mentioned below:

  • Personal items like small backpacks, purses, and laptop bags are allowed.
  • Delta Airlines allows the total length plus height, and width must not exceed 45 Linear inches.
  • Delta Airlines passengers traveling to Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai must follow weight restrictions. For Singapore, 15.4 pounds; for Beijing, 22 pounds for Checked Luggage; and Shanghai also, 22 pounds.


Frontier Airlines charges for carry-on bags and Checked Luggage, but the prices depend on the route you choose.

  • Frontier Airline allows 35 Pounds that must not exceed 10 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 24 inches high must fit in overhead bins.
  • Frontier Airlines allows 40 pounds weight for carried bags that must not exceed 62 linear inches.
  • If your baggage weight is 45-50 pounds, passengers have to pay $50; for more than 50 pounds, you have to pay $100.
  • For personal items, you cannot exceed 8 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 14 inches high.

Southwest Airlines:

Southwest Airlines provides free checked Luggage allowance but follows carry-on bag restrictions as most airlines.

  • The carry-on bag should be 24 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 10 inches high.
  • Personal items are allowed under 18.5 inches in length,8.5 inches wide, and 13.5 inches in height.
  • Airlines don't follow weight limits for personal items.

United Airlines:

Passengers traveling with United Airlines can check Baggage rules when flying mentioned below, or for more information, they can go through the official website of United Airlines.

  • It allows one carry bag and one checked bag for their economy traveler.
  • It doesn't have any weight limitations for personal items.