How do you travel with someone in a wheelchair?

While you plan a journey, sometimes you have to board with a co-passenger who is disabled, so in such situations, you have to ask for special assistance from the airline customer service assistants. Since you want more information on how do you travel with someone in a wheelchair, here in this section, you will be getting more guidance and tips for traveling with a wheelchair by air. 

  • Talk to TSA Cares section: You can talk with an airline TSA cares passenger support section; as soon as you book flight ticket, you must move towards TSA manages, where you will get assistance for disabled passenger who wants to travel with a wheelchair or other medical supplies. Once you visit the disability section, you will get service quite smoothly.
  • Collect enough catheters or medical supplies: Suppose you have a co-passenger with a spinal cord or any other medical condition and want to take them with special assistance. Then you must carry enough packs throughout your trip to make their travel more relaxing and comfortable.
  • Know about disabled rights: If you want to travel with someone special, you should consider this in such a scenario. How do you travel with someone in a wheelchair, and for that you must check out all the information from Transportation aviation consumer protection to gather appropriate information.
  • Lastly, you also get the option to prepare your wheelchair assistance for your flight ticket at the booking time.

How to book flight tickets with a wheelchair?

Now, in case you want to book wheelchair assistance while purchasing your ticket from the airline's official website. Thus, in those matters, the most competent option would be convenient for you once you read the following section. 

  • Go to official website of the airline by the preferred search engine. 
  • After that, you select the booking form and completely fill the form according to your travel. 
  • Now, once you select all the booking details ahead of this, hit over the particular assistance option. 
  • Next, within the special assistance section, mention your disabled traveler information, such as name, contact details, and reason for the disabled assistance.
  • Once you have completed the special assistance section with all the necessary details, you must pay accordingly for the fare type.
  • Note wheelchair is free of cost and is offered to passengers from the airline side hassle-free, and you can access it quite smoothly from the airport till your landing at the destination.
  • After you have paid for the ticket and wheelchair, you should move ahead, and you will receive confirmation message on your registered id.

How much does it cost to take a wheelchair on a plane?

If you want to arrange your co-traveler with a wheelchair from the airline, you do not pay any additional charge as this service is free of cost. But, suppose that you carry on to bring your wheelchair on board if it is compatible with the particular plane you are boarding, then it is allowed, or else the airline will on their own provide you with a wheelchair for free of cost. You can use it for help regardless of any issue.