Can we change date of flight after booking?

In life, change is the only constant, and to accommodate the constant changes, you may need to change your flight booking. Most airlines are flexible enough to allow a change of flight date after booking without charging a fee if it is done within a stipulated time, mostly within 24 hours of the booking. It is best to contact the airline to determine the exact amount you may be charged for the date change of a flight. If you want to ask, "Can we change date of flight after booking, "you can read ahead to get the details on the process to change a flight after a booking.

The number one way to change the flight date after the booking is by visiting the airline's official website and using the tab that lets you manage a booking. You may go through the steps listed below to change the date easily.

  • Often the tab that has to be selected can be "manage to book" or "My trips." Then you will be required to retrieve the booking summary by entering your booking reference number/PNR and the passenger's last name.
  • Select the relevant booking and click "Change flight" or "Modify."
  • Select the new dates.
  • You may be required to pay the difference in the fare if the new fare is higher than the original ticket, and if it is lower, the amount will be refunded.
  • After the flight date change is confirmed, you will get an email on your registered account with the booking details and the itinerary.

Alternatively, you can call the official customer service number to change the flight date. Once you punch in the number, you will get instructions to get to an agent. The agent will change the flight date for you. You must give the reference number and the passenger's last name so the agent can get the booking on their screen.

You must go to the airline's ticket counter at the airport and speak to a customer service agent. The agent will change the flight date for you depending on availability. You will receive an email from the airline on your registered account.

What are the rules and regulations of an airline related to changing the flight date?

To know the full details for the question, "Can we change date of the flight after booking," you have to go through the rules and regulations to change date of a flight after booking given below.

  • For date change for a flight after 24 hours of booking, generally, the airline may charge a fee depending on the type of ticket, destinations, and route.
  • When you change a flight date, the airline may give you the upgrade for free. You must call the customer service number to check.